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Headcanon- The Equestrian Demigods

I've been meaning to finish these for a while and I finally sat down and got into it. And I'm kinda glad I waited, because I like the overall result I managed to get here. :3 But yeah, here you guys go; how I personally see Luna, Celestia, and Discord in my headcanon! The sketches themselves were originally made for Bronycon last year but I never got around to finishing them. They're done now, so I can just have them ready for Bronycon this year! ^.^

Anyway, despite my love for all three characters I've surprisingly not put too much headcanon up on them, so I'm gonna change that. So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy what I have for these three so far. Headcanon, AWAY!!!

These three are the primary “royals” of Equestria. As in, they are recognized as the demigods of the country by many of Gaia's population, because this is basically true despite how much the Sisters continuously deny it. All three are unnaturally powerful, all three are immortal (they can still die, however, just not from age), all three have been around for several centuries (albeit Discord was trapped in stone and Luna on the moon). But yeah. Discord is wearing a regalia collar because, at some point in the future, he will be considered fully-fledged royalty of Equestria, although he wouldn’t actually rule so much as he’d be titled an honorary “lord” of sorts. He would moreso play as a protector of Equestria, especially against threats that the Elements of Harmony can’t defeat alone. Cadance and Twilight aren't included here for a reason: Twi because she isn't necessarily considered a demigod by the country, and Cadance because she is the Queen of the Crystal Empire. They will both have their own posts talking about their roles in their societies and such, but for now, let's focus on these three.

It's popular belief that the Sisters have complete power over the moon and sun. But in fact, that is not the case at all. Celestia and Luna are essentially demigods, yes, ut while they are powerful and both have a connection to both the moon and sun, they don't actually move them because it's THEM with the connection, and not vice versa. As in, while the sisters are "tethered", in a sense, to the sun and moon respectively, the sun and moon aren't necessarily tethered to them. This is because, while they do assist in the sun and moon's orbit and rotation around their planet, they are NOT necessary to keep them going. The Sun and Mood existed earlier than before alicorns even existed, and have been rising and falling by themselves without any sort of outside assistance before the sisters came into the picture. The sisters can draw power from their respective celestial body and their tether to them is what allows them to be essentially immortal to aging.

The sisters' have had an influence over the sun and moon long enough that, if they were to suddenly disappear or die, the rotation and orbit will be a bit out of wack (example: Season 4 premiere/ first 2 episodes with the Harmony Tree), but after a little while it will eventually get back to it's original state and go as it's meant to.

As for Discord, while he doesn't have any significant tether to the sun and moon like the sisters do, his magic is essentially around the concept of balance. Of the three, Discord is probably the closest to god-like status, and this is largely in part to his unnatural ability to seemingly bend the fabric of reality. His magic is almost entirely Energy-based but it's very chaotic in nature (appropriate, given his title as the lord of Chaos). How, exactly, his magic opperates is a mystery, and Discord himself either doesn't necessarily know how it works and can use it on an instinctual level, or he does know and simply won't release any information about it. Regardless, Discord is an anomaly that probably shouldn't even be able to exist in the first place, and while it's known that he technically CAN die, it'd be pretty difficult (not impossible, but damn hard) to actually kill him. This part is a WIP so forgive me for cutting it so short. :C

That's all I can right at the very moment, but I'll finish this when I get the chance. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and I hope you guys like what you see so far! ^.^
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Now this is gorgreous!
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I really like this head canon,

The fact that the sun and moon isn't tethered to them, really is great.
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discord looks hot xd
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i'm just here...ignoring i can only 0w0 see celestia and discord like....haha! SHIPPED! xD
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your Luna has inspired my art! :3 I hope you don't mind!…
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Those are very cool headcanons! Clap  BUT I have a question! 
For you, do Discord is a special member of some ancient powerfull species ( Draconequus), or is he a special creature of his own? ( Came into existence because of his imense power.  ) 
What are your thoughs about this? If you desire to answer, that is. I'm just curious. Sweating a little... 
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beautiful work, but I don't know where the mixedmedia is?
this is a digital drawing, I didn't the the mixed-up ^^'
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Mixed media because it's traditionally drawn and colored digitally; I didn't alter the pencil lines used.
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er okay that I didn't see as an Mixed Art, because that's what I was using till I didn't draw with an Intuos ^^'
Sorry for this misunderstanding :)
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Thanks so much! :3
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Wow, they look fantastic, I especially love Luna's mane here! :love:
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God, Discord looks so badass!
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Wonderful! I love them all! Celestia's colour scheme is beautiful; I love how the ends are yellow. I adore Discord's realism and Luna's wings. I love them all!
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I just realized Luna's collar was a moondial. It—and all of her—is beautiful!
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love luna's design. well done! :heart:
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you're so welcome!
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I absolutely adore your coloring in this. :heart:
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