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Headcanon- Surprise


I've had this uploaded on my tumblr for a while so I figured I'd go ahead and transfer her to here too. Just a doodle of Surprise the G1 pony because I’ve been wanting to do so for a while now. So, here she is! I’m really pleased with how she came out, especially since the doodle itself took… mmm, what, 10 minutes? It’s kinda messy in result, but it’s fine. C:

Anyway, due to G1 Surprise being the original inspiration to Lauren Faust for the creation of Pinkie Pie , I’ve headcanoned the pegasus to be the grandmother of the lovable party-pony. So in my headcanon, Surprise is Surprise Pie, otherwise known as “Granny Pie” and the mother of Pinkie's father. She was a Wonderbolt squadron leader and, due to her having been a soldier, sustained quite a few scars to her being (the hind leg she has lifted has a permanent limp to it). But despite that and her age (she definitely wasn’t old, but was in her late 40s), she had the energy and enthusiasm to rival anyone more than half her age. She’s sadly deceased in my headcanon, however, having being killed during a deployment in Zebrica (no, not by the zebras) when Pinkie was around.

The way I see it, of all of her sisters, Pinkie actually takes after her grandmother the most, both in appearance and in personality (in fact, her parents often call her “Surprise’s little mini-me”). That said, though, I wanted to make it so the body and facial structure between them was still different enough to make them individuals. To better illustrate those differences, I put the headcanon drawing I did of Pinkie awhile ago beside her and drew Surprise in a similar pose, which can be seen HERE

The differences, which you can easier see in that link I provided, are:

-Surprise has a stronger and more defined jaw than Pinkie does

-Surprise has more weight to her, being more muscular than her granddaughter

-Surprise’s hair isn’t as curly as Pinkie’s

-Pinkie’s eye’s are more round while Surprise’s has some angles to them

-Pinkie has a round snout while Surprise’s is more squared

I hope those differences are actually visible. o3o Feel free to ask questions in the meantime, and until then, thanks a bunch for takin’ a look. c:

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i adore your g1 sketches

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Aww she's lovely

And strong!
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This is also my headcannon, but in my mind, Surprise could also do a sonic rainboom, which is how Pinkie knew about it when Twilight Sparkle, resident smarty pants, didn't
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Your so creative when coming up with things to do with old generations.
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May I ask what you used for coloring? Absolutely amazing piece of art btw ;) (Wink) 
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Thanks, your very talented!
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Wow...Surprise was one of the four ponies I first got when I was little.  She helped start my love of ponies!  I'm so happy to see her here!  :+fav:
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What about Surprise's daughter Baby Surprise ( Or is I call, Baby Surprise Party). 

Is she Granny Surprise with the original Surprise being the long long decent. 

Or does she just not exist?
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I have no idea who Baby Surprise is, so I'm afraid she wouldn't exist in my headcanon. The Surprise I'm referring to is the original from G1. o3o
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Baby Surprise is mainly seen from 'Escape from Catrina' and the MLP toyline and comics.

I could why she would'nt exist. Since in G1 the ponies were asexual and had asexual reproduction, so most of the babies were asexual copies of themselves from a magic mirror ( No, I'm not on any drugs..And I'm not making this up)….

I personally like the baby ponies since to me, Its the only way to have the originals be decendants and grandparents at the same time. But it is your headcannon, and the way your doing it is amazing so far! Also, are you going to have G3 Pinkie Pie as Nana Pinkie?

I would love to see your interpretation ( Nana Pinkie is an actual character in the show, as she was mentioned in ' Too Many Pinkie Pie's)
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I don't see why Nana Pie can't be G3 Pinkie, but she'll probably be either the sister of Surprise or the mother of Surprise. I haven't decided yet. o3o
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I know this is old, but to update you; her name is actually Nana Pinkie.. Not Nana Pie..

Found that out while rewatching Too Many Pinkie Pies.
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It's not far-fetched that she'd have two grandmothers: her father's mother being her Granny Pie (the one seen here) and her mother's mother being her Nana Pinkie (which is G3 Pinkie in my headcanon).
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I feel the same way.. The only weird thing would be them both having 'pie' in their names.. But I guess that wouldn't be too weird since MLP names don't work like how real names do. Also, how do you think Wonderbolt Surprise effects your headcannon?
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I myself would like to think that Surprise Pie herself is the one who actually has "Pie" in her name, while Nana Pinkie (the 1st) wouldn't actually have "pie" in her, but it was probably a second name a couple of friends began to call her before it eventually just stuck to her. Maybe. >.> Either way, with names being names, I don't think it'd be too weird for ponies with absolutely no relation to have a name similar to one another. o3o

As for Wonderbolt Surprise, do you mean this Surprise or the one presented in the actual canon? The one you see here was a Wonderbolt before she passed away while in Zebrica; she was inspired by the Wonderbolt you're talking about if that's what you mean, I only just aged her up and gave her an additional "Pie" to her name to make her related to Pinkie (not including the fact that Surprise was the one Pinkie Pie was modeled after, not G3 Pinkie). c:
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omg surprise!!!!!!  
i love her ;_;
you should do firefly :D
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no you should draw her xD
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She's so beautiful! One of my favorite ponies from the franchise and previous generations!!! <3 <3 <3
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Hehe, I'm just glad you like her! ^.^
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I really truly do!!!! :D :D :D
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i had the Surprise pony as a kid
this is fantastic
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