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Headcanon- Rainbow Power Twilight Sparkle concept

Pretty soon I'll be working on another Mane 6 image for that currently-secret project I'm working on, so I decided to start doing some concept work before I went further into it. As the title may have tipped you off... this is my headcanon version of Twilight Sparkle in her Rainbow Power form/mode. Once again I've played around with Pint Pony, and the more I play with it the more I figure the style is moreso a variety of different combinations of realism/cartoony than it is one particular and specific thing. That's what makes it fun, though, although the general idea behind it is having a more cartoony flare to my style than usual; how I go about said flare can vary! 8D

Aaaaaaaanyway, if there's one thing I'm almost always asked about, it's how I view the Rainbow Power forms of the Mane 6 since my headcanon for some of their unpowered forms resemble the canon version of the Rainbow Power. Now, I must say that I personally enjoyed the Rainbow Power appearance of the Mane 6, with Twilight and Fluttershy's being my favorites of the designs. That said, though, I kinda wish they were a little more unified than what they were, so that's what I'm going for in this little series of concept sketches!

I was inspired by how :iconsalvicorn: went about the designs, and I decided to try it with my own flare to it. I think it came out pretty good! :3

Okay okay, so a little bit of headcanon here:

Rainbow Power for Twilight manifests itself by reflecting itself within her wings, replacing the gold streak in her hair, expanding her cutie mark and making it glow, and the addition of magenta markings upon her face and a magenta-colored dorsal running from the center of her nose, down her back, and to the tip of her tail. Her eyes remain the same color, however a ring of the Rainbow Power shimmer circles her pupil and pulse whenever she uses her magic. Like the rest of the girls, in this form Twilight is damn near her peak in terms of magical power, and she's possibly at her most dangerous in this form because her power nearly rivals that of the Sisters, if it doesn't surpass it already. I'd imagine that while the Rainbow Power is a huge advantage, the girls can't necessarily maintain it for too long at the current moment. When they faze out of this form, they are typically drained and tired and must take a day or two to recover fully before being able to activate it again. Stronger than when they used the Elements of Harmony in their gem form, but it takes a longer "recharge" time and actually wear the girls out, so it's flaw is essentially making the Bearers vulnerable for a small amount of time. Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie are probably the fastest to recover from this form. O:

Rainbow Power will probably be also dubbed the Elements of Harmony's "Demi-god" form in my headcanon, since in this state the girls are possibly at their most formidable.

Aaaaaaand I think that's all I have to say at the moment? I'll probably add more if I have more headcanon tailored specifically toward Twilight here, but for now, I'll leave it at this. Which of the Mane 6 would you like to see in their Rainbow Power form next? Suggestions welcomed! C:
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please make a tutorial on how you draw your ponies cause honestly this is very lovely and amazing Heart Heart Heart :happybounce: Twilight (Squee) Plz Twilight (Squee) Plz Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 GIF My Little Pony - Fantastic!! Twilight Sparkle (smile creepy) plz When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) Raven: *GASP!* Awesome You like overusing this emote, don't you Dani You like overusing this emote, don't you Dani You like overusing this emote, don't you Dani You like overusing this emote, don't you Dani Yay! Eddsworld 
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She smart and most formidable of all

But most importantly

She smol
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Her eye markings remind me of The Eye Of Horus.
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The way Twilight's Rainbow Power works in your headcanon kind of reminds me of how the Silver Crystal works in Sailor Moon.
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I don't remember much of Sailor Moon so that wasn't intentional.
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Hahahah, I love her tiny feet. 
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aaa tiny twi! shes like a humming bird pone!
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Those wings are just so pretty. Heart 
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Fluttershy please!
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Those soft, pastel colors look so pretty paired up with her color scheme!
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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This is really a lot nicer than the official design. The idea of Rainbow Power was so cool, but sooooo obviously designed just to sell toys.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of these. I'll vote for... Applejack next, simply because she's so down to earth normally, and seeing her all magical amuses me.
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I personally enjoyed the designs myself, even though they're designed to sell toys (which I'm not surprised at all about, given the show is essentially made to help sell the toys better). I only redesigned because my headcanon version of Twi and Rainbow look too much like the Rainbow Power versions of them and I'm unwilling to change them, so to help with the confusion, I've headcanoned a different version of the Rainbow Design. c:
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Glad to see the lack of tail feathers. They always irk me for some reason. I LOVE the pastel wings though! So pretty! And those teeny weeny legs! So cute!!!
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