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Headcanon: Rainbow Power

My third Mane 6 print for Bronycon this year! I was gonna leave it at the first two I did, but after I heard the ENTIRE voice cast of the Mane 6 will be present, I decided to do one more. :3 I also wanted to do something special for this image here, because not only is it one of my most popular deviations, it's also one of my best selling prints and I'm gonna "retire" it this year. As in, no more prints of it will be made after this convention. So I took a old-stashed away of the original sketches of the deviation, lined and cleaned them up (as well as updated their anatomy and faces to better fit my style now) and colored it, Rainbow Power style! 8D

I of course took artistic liberty over the Rainbow Power designs to better fit my headcanon, especially since my headcanon for some of their unpowered forms resemble the canon version of the Rainbow Power. As much as I personally enjoyed the designs, I kinda wish they were a little more unified in some form, so that's what I essentially ran with here! The way the Rainbow Power manifests itself upon the Mane 6 here is, of course, rainbow gradients in the hair (and wings if it applies), glowing cutie marks, and a ring of shimmering rainbow around their pupils. I've also added some tribal-like markings to the girls for two reasons: it's the visual representation of their connection to each other as well as their specific element. The second reason simply because I thought it'd look nice. :3

Anyway, I'd imagine that while the Rainbow Power is a huge advantage, the girls can't necessarily maintain it for too long at the current moment. When they faze out of this form, they are typically drained and tired and must take a day or two to recover fully before being able to activate it again. Stronger than when they used the Elements of Harmony in their gem form, but it takes a longer "recharge" time and actually wear the girls out, so it's flaw is essentially making the Bearers vulnerable for a small amount of time. Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie are probably the fastest to recover from this form. O:

I'll write more but I've yet to go to sleep in the past 24 hours so I gotta get some sleep first. In the meantime, let me know if you guys would like individual uploads of the girls in this form. And I hope you enjoy the image! :3
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this is gorgeous <3 <3
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is your including of the scars on fluttershy a nod to the bat episode or does it have another meaning
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She has scars from tending to her animals. No matter how much they love her they are still wild animals and sometimes they accidentally hurt her, specifically when they are hurt and scared, and she's had to deal with that.
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I noticed that Pinkie Pie has feathering on her shoulders? Is she part pegasus or is that a side effect of Rainbow Power?: 
Earthsong9405's avatar
She has pegasus in her gene pool, yes, so she has very down-like feathers  on her shoulders, around her neck, and a bit down her back. It helps make her extra super floofy when she poofs up.
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Aww! So when she's happy or scared she does that thing where birds floof up. That's so fekkin' cute
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this is gorgeous!! i love how you draw them <3
L0V3L3TT3RS's avatar
This is really pretty!
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Heh I like this.
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Can you do a headcannon for Flufflepuff?!
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No, because I don't headcanon characters that don't belong to me or are not in the canon show.
Wyverntooth's avatar
Ah, that makes sense. Could you at least draw her in your art style? I bet you'd make her look absolutely flufftastic
kleopatraa15's avatar
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This concept is fantastic- and I love your style! Keep it up! :)
TemmiethePyro's avatar
ITS TOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SketchedFoxx's avatar
AMAZING!!! :0 how much is a commission cost for you?! Just so i know.
Earthsong9405's avatar
It depends entirely on what type of commission you're looking for. Is it traditional or digital? Will be just a headshot or a full body? Do you want no background or a background? Shading or no shading?
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Well i was thinking a colored traditional fullbody but i need to save up money for it before i can put out the basics of my oc for you.
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That is true art right there! You did it once again!
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