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Headcanon: Rainbow Dash

Next up on the list, we have our favorite rowdy gal, Rainbow Dash! C: She's always a lot of fun to draw and color, specifically because of how potentially colorful she can be. I played around with her colors, and I really like the result. ^.^

But enough small talk, let's go on ahead to deh headcanonz!!! O:

-Age thingy:…
(Because her history is tied closely to Fluttershy's, I'ma leave Shy's here too):…

-Parents Headcanon:

Rainbow Dash, like Fluttershy and Rarity, are around 4'2 at the shoulder. However, their different body types make them look like they'd be of different heights. Rainbow is very lean and wirey with the build of an athlete, specifically the body of the typically fit pegasus: slim, cut, almost "jet-stream" for maximun speed during flight.

Her wings, while impressive in size, is short and narrow for better speed flying. Of the three among the group who have wings, she has the shortest wingspan, but they are very strong and well taken care of. Rainbow's also the most feral-lookin' of the group, with oval-shaped pupils, long fangs, short, choppy hairstyle. It gives her the look of a wild, untamed mustang of sorts. o3o

I've the headcanon that Rainbow's hair isn't the only thing that's.... well, rainbow. The primary and secondary feathers of her wings (as well as her tail feathers) are also rainbow (though maybe not as obvious as I've made it here... ah well). Speaking of rainbow, though, Dashie's colorful hair is actually very rare among the ponies. Like red-hair is for humans, rainbow colored hair is the rarest natural hair color, where only 1-3% of the equine population have it. It's even rarer for a pony with the "rainbow gene" to have their hair to have them in the correct order like Dash does. She gets this from her father. I can go on and on about how hair color works for equine, but I'll just leave it here since it's primarily about Rainbow Dash. o3o


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think that's it? I'll add anything if I think I forgot something, but for now I think this is good.

As always, though, feel free to ask me questions if you have any of them. And thanks a bunch for stopping by to take a look! C:
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So wild!  I like it.
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aaa :O rainbow lashes
AquaSongMLP's avatar
I love your headcanons!
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Nice picture of my waifu.
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Miniatures horse. I keep thinking them more like miniatures horses than ponies because of their anatomy. And I guess than Rainbow may have falcon shaped wings because of the speed. More like a peregrinated falcon.

Nice explanation about her iridescent mane. But what you got about her vertical pupil instead of horizontals?

Would still hug her. Wonderful design. I should have told you that long ago.
Earthsong9405's avatar
Despite the fact that I like going more realistic I personally don't use the horizontal pupils because I don't want to. That, and because the ponies are different from real horses in my headcanon in that they're omnivorous and far more predatory in nature, so they aren't necessarily classified as "prey" animals like the horse is in our world. 
cajobif's avatar
Yes, I read about it in your description. I was just wondering why you kept the eyes that way. I can't deny that they look (much) better.

Nope. They are not like the real ones far from it. Funny thing they made a panel Sunday at Bronycon on that very subject.
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Quick question, if you had to base her wings off of an already existing avian, which would it be? (cuz I was thinking maybe falcons)
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Definitely something that's known for their speed; between herself, Shy, and Twi, she has the smallest and sharpest wings, but she's the strongest flier in terms of speed. c:
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Ah, I see! Thanks! c:
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This is just amazing. Both the sketches and coloured arts. And this one looks the best in my opinion:D (Big Grin) 
SmileySadFace's avatar
no prob and You're welcome:D (Big Grin) 
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super lovely. Well done!
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could you do a wing tutorial picture if you haven't?
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I'm not interested in making tutorials. Besides, you can easily find really good ones already made on DA if you type it into the search.
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
Too much rainbow, not enough dash. XD
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I like the wing claws, adding more dexterity to the ponies c:
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Horses with fangs? Well thats new
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Indeed; just a headcanon I have since the equine in the MLP world are omnivorous.
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