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Headcanon: Pinkie Pie

Alrighty, so up next we have the ever so happy Pinkie Pie! C: I always have fun drawing Pinkie; there's always an energy to her you just can't get enough of. It's in her hair, her expression, her body posture. Just Pinkie being Pinkie. ^.^ Also, I need to fix up the feathers around her shoulders. :C

So yesh. Headcanonz. o3o

-Age thingy:…
-Parents Headcanon:
-Granny Pie Headcanon: Headcanon- Surprise
-Nana Pie HeadcanonHeadcanon- Nana Pie
-Unnamed Grandparent HeadcanonPinkie's Grandparent

Pinkie Pie is the shortest of the Mane 6, clocking in at around 4'0 at the withers. She's also has alittle bit of a pudge to her, eating as much sweets as she does. But, that does not mean she's unhealthy at all. Regardless of how small she is, Pinkie is actually in great shape; she's stronger than she looks, and faster than the normal pony. Hell, she's one of the few who can keep up with RD when the pegasus is flying at top speed, all of this without so much as breaking a sweat. Her unnatural speed is part of the reason how she can supposedly teleport... or, at least that's what others has tried to chalk it down to. No one really knows how she does it, but it's best not to question it. She's also very light on her hooves. If she wants she can get around without anyone ever knowing she's there; it's how she can repeatedly sneak up on someone with them being none the wiser. She also has feathering among her shoulders and the bottom part of the back of her neck, partly because her grandmother was a pegasus (her granny pie is Surprise).

Her magic --while having some touches of the Earth element in it-- is highly in-tuned with the Air element (specifically the Wind aspect of it). She's actually pretty skilled with her magic as well, moreso than what others give her credit for; she uses the ability to manipulate air almost constantly for the sheer fun of it; sneezing to launch herself into the air, a gust of wind to allow her to float, ect.

If there's one thing about Pinkie, however, is that I think people tend to underrate her as being a ditzy, empty-headed loudmouth who's all over the place. I think she's far more mature than what people give her credit for. While, yes, she can be a little airheaded and sometimes insensitive (mostly on accident), and yes, she can ramble and be annoying in a way a friend can be sometimes. But she isn't stupid (she built a working flying machine for pete's sake. I also headcanoned that her party cannon was of her own design too), nor is she mean-spirited. When she does something it's with the best intentions (that doesn't mean it ends up right, but you know), and she's the one you can always rely on to give you a genuine smile.

Pinkie's observant and insightful, and when asked she can lend some surprisingly sound support and advice when you need it. She's someone you can trust your secrets with, because when Pinkie makes a promise, even if it isn't a Pinkie Promise specifically, she keeps them. The only time she's broken a promise is when she deems it absolutely necessary. She also knows that it's okay to feel sad and have off days; she has them too.

As I've said before, I don't see Cutie Marks as being a special talent specifically; it highlights a specific aspect of the pony that makes the pony who they are (and that does not have to be some specific talent either). Pinkie's aspect isn't parties, it's her going out of her way to make anyone and everyone, of any species, friend or stranger, smile and happy, even if it's only for a moment.


And I think that's it so far? If you guys couldn't tell, I really love Pinkie. I love each and every one of the Mane 6 (to the point where it's hard to choose favorites) but I think Pinkie's standpoint and characterization is very interesting.

But yeah.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask and such. And as always, thanks for taking the time to stop and take a looksie. ^.^
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jendoes's avatar
Aww Pinkie, one of my favorites

I really love this headcanon
Reading4halfmylife's avatar
Headcanon time!

The reason Pinkie's mane can change shape, her colors can dull, the way she can grow fingers, and change her face, is because of her grandparent, the changeling Miracle
rogelis's avatar
wonderfull pie!
psybeamz's avatar
Her "air-element" magic reminds me a lot like Gusty, a unicorn from G1 who had the special talent of generating wind.
unoriginaI's avatar
I like all of this, although Surprise is a Wonderbolt right now. ;0
Earthsong9405's avatar
That Surprise and this one are not one and the same.
unoriginaI's avatar
Well, alright, just letting you know. Since the Surprise in-show has the exact same colors as her G3 counterpart and such. ;)
Gizamoe's avatar
surprise or g3, pick one :L

a cameo of a character with the same design as an older character doesn't mean that they are that character.
unoriginaI's avatar
They are named Surprise in the merchandise, and appear in the comics with the exact same design as Lauren Faust's design of Pinkie Pie.

Sorry bud, you're wrong.
RukarioTrainer's avatar
I was just looking back, since after the Nana Pie picture I was trying to remember if you've drawn the full Pie family yet. It looks like not. That would have been a nice set of small portraits (cloudy, igneous, and their 4 daughters). Well either way I'll look forward to someday seeing the other pie sisters. They're a great family    : )
Earthsong9405's avatar
Actually, I may end up doing an original painting featuring the immediate families of the Mane 6 (their parents and siblings and themselves), so at least at some point you'll see them all together. ^.^
RukarioTrainer's avatar
Very cool! That sounds exciting : )
MountainLygon's avatar
Balloons: Symbols of uplifting optimism.
BlitsAzalisDash's avatar
Can I make a base of your art? I promise I will give you all the credit and a link to the original drawing, but I'd understand if you would say no.
Earthsong9405's avatar
I'm afraid my answer is no to that.
BlitsAzalisDash's avatar
Okay, thanks for responding. Have a nice day!
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
I kinda assume that she's bipolar.  With a bias towards the 'mania' pole. 

I am, and that's how we get under stress.  It can even happen if medicated.
Earthsong9405's avatar
Perfectly fine explanation for her behavior, I'd say.
AlwaysFukkinTired's avatar
Good job! They actually look like ponies instead of fuck dolls.
srMichaelBucket's avatar
Pinkie is so pretty. 
Earthsong9405's avatar
She is indeed! x3
srMichaelBucket's avatar
I've been having this long debate with myself over which pony I like best and I think I've finally decided that Pinkie is my favorite. Your drawing of her just amplifies that. You make her so amazingly beautiful. 
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