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Headcanon- Gilda

Alrighty, so quite a few of you asked me about my headcanon on Gilda and I never got around to showing you... at least, not until now. c:< So here ya go! Gilda, the way I personally see her in my headcanon. She actually showed up in the Griffons headcanon sketchdump but I just decided to give her some color and a separate upload. She's also one of the few sketches I managed to upload to my st.ash before my computer went kaput, so there's that. :/

Like many others, she will actually be a small print at Bronycon this year, and the original will be able to be bought as well so for those of you interested in that keep an eye open. ^.^

But anyway, Gilda. Honestly I haven't put much thought into the headcanon for her, especially since I actually have to get going to class in a moment, but be prepared for this to be updated later with my headcanon on her included. c: Until then, still feel free to ask me any questions you may have! ^.^
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Her expression is spot on!  Love how you drew her
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What was your headcanon for her?
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Awesome one o Gilida
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What media do you use to color traditionally? I love how this looks!
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I like how you draw her.
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Do you think you'll ever post her headcanon here? I'd be really interested in reading it D:
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I'll get to it eventually. o3o
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Very nice art of Gilda !

Maybe she moved from Griffin empire when it goes into a Economical Crisis similiar to our world's 'great depression' ?
İn the series; the whole kingdom is decayed just because of a cyclops goat (Amphisbeana its name; ı think) and maybe too much griffon greed
So; an Economical depression makes more sense; ı think : |
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"Bitch, please. I'm fabulous."
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Ya know, I was thinking for the head canon of Gilda.....what if her father was a very commanding, brave, straightforward general sort of Griffon, and employed this personality on his daughter, possibly for good hearted reasons, as he would want her to become a strong, wise Griffon, but it turned her point of view for worse. She took it as " in order for me to become my fathers daughter, I must be SUPERIOR to all others."

and so she was, thus eventually losing her best friend.

just an idea. ^^ 
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While it's not one I'd personally subscribe to it's certainly a really interesting idea. I'd definitely explain how she seems to feel so superior to everyone else. o3o
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Or maybe she's just blustering to cover her feelings of inadequacy. 
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Could be a mix of both; one can feel superior while still feeling inadequate for whatever reasons, so they just bolster the self-important and superiority complex to make it seem like they are very sure of themselves when they aren't. 
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Yes. *coughcough*either that or she possibly had a crush on Rainbow, got jealous, and then grumpy after her run in with Pinkie and let it out on the town....*coughcough*

it's definitely a discussable topic, anyway.
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hey ive seen that before!
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Gilda look so gorgeous.
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Very welcome. Oh I want to ask one thing. Are you interest in draw some ponies from the cutie map episode from s05, like Starlight Glimmer, Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor and Double Diamond?
I love to see them in your style.Love 
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