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Headcanon- Chrysalis

Alright, so I had some downtime today and decided to finish a sketch I finished a little while ago. A lot of you kept asking me whether or not I was drawing Chrysalis, and... welp, I hope this answers your question. :3 The one and only Queen Chrysalis, the way I headcanon her appearance! Before anyone asks though, Changelings in my headcanon are more reptile than they are insect, hence why there are a couple of reptilian features to her. o3o

As for her headcanon, here's a quick snippet:

Chrysalis is the queen of the South-Eastern changeling hive (haven't come up with a name yet), a relatively small but infamous hive for more than one reason. Chrysalis herself is very tall, even taller than Celestia (who is 9ft tall at the shoulder), and is gruff, blunt, ill-tempered, and quick to resort to brute force to get her way, as seen from the attempted invasion of Canterlot two years ago. That said, however, Chrysalis isn't actually evil, nor is she a cold or hateful queen. Despite her rough exterior Chrysalis cares for her subjects and will do anything to make sure they are in good standing, both mentally and physically. In fact, it is her desire to keep her subjects healthy and happy that drove her into attempting a coup on Canterlot.

Her hive was suffering from a bad spell of starvation, with roughly a third of her subjects passing away from the lack of a substantial food source. Chrysalis was desperate for anything that could be a quick solution to the starvation problem, and in that desperation she made an admittingly bad mistake: set her sights on Equestria and plan to take over the capital of the country. There is a much safer way to obtain the love needed to survive, but in her rush to provide her hive with nutrition she didn't consider it. Their fail at the attempted coup has probably cost them, as well as the changeling in general, more than any possible gain, and now Chrysalis and her subjects must remain in hiding to avoid abuse and xenophobia from the majority of Equestria.

Eventually, though, I have the headcanon that Chrysalis will approach the Princess Sisters in hopes of forgiveness, if not for her then for her changelings, and the possibility of diplomacy. The Sisters will be willing to try, but whether or not it'll work has yet to be determined.


Aaaaaand that's all I got so far. Or, you know, what I can remember. I'll revamp it and probably add more details to it but I'm kinda sleepy, so not right now. On that note, I apologize if some of this isn't cohesive or makes any sense. :/

Feel more than free to ask me questions if you have any, and thanks so much for taking a looksie! ^.^ 
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See you sceams at you
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I wonder how a pact with the changelings will go

Do they turn into colourful changelings in you headcanon?
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I adore how you made cryssie’s crown actual fins it’s just so much more fitting 
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Have you ever tried or drawn sombra? I'd love to see how you portray him and his looks! ;)
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I have indeed drawn Sombra before, just not recently. He's due for an update. o3o
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poor cheese queen, has the legs hurt :(
It must be very painful

please nurse redheart a band for Queen cheese now !
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Ohh, this has got to be the best Chrysalis i've seen yet :}
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You're very welcome! Sorry for the fave-spam, I tried to keep it to a minimum and watch you instead ^^ but a few slipped out.
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Interesting design. Looks good. :)
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ooom her head looks oddly big comaperng to body.
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It's probably her hair. Otherwise it looks fine to me.
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Wow! Talk about making something very beautiful but  hideous at the same time!Shocked 

You da man!! Clap 
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Very good work as usual !
Especially the '' crown '' ! The fin-crown is an awesome idea ! :nod:

Although the desptriction really got me; I never thought there would be a headcannon that makes me took pity on Chrysalis; bravo ! :clap:
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Thank ya thank ya thank ya! ^.^
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Very welcome ! :)
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