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Headcanon: Applejack

And here, we have our favorite cowgal pony, Applejack! C: Her colors ended up being the dirtiest due to my pencil lines blending with the watercolors, but it's a little fitting. Still, I'll have to clean her up a little bit to make her look more decent, specifically her eyelashes. They're driving me crazy! D:

Until then, enjoy deh headcanonz pls, yush? O:



As we should know by now, Applejack is considered the tallest in my headcanon, even taller than Twilight (despite the alicorn's sudden growth spurt), standing at 5'1" at the withers. That's pretty big, considering I see the average pony height being around 4'0" to 4'5" (that's very general, but yeah). I've always figured she'd look a little more like her father than her mother, body and all, which is why there is the addition of cream colored "socks" (this is based off of my headcanon version of her dad, anyway). I've also seen her as the physically strongest (even the canon show has established this), and as such, has the body type to accommodate that: very much draft horse, heavy with muscle from years of working on the farm.

And while she isn't donning it right now, she always has her hat, but I thought it was a cool addition of a bandanna, specifically red. I dunno why. It just sorta fits her.... maybe a gift from Rarebear or something. o3o

But the main thing people ask me about when it comes to me drawing AJ are her scars, so let me answer that for ya'll.

As the heads of the farm, Applejack and Big Mac carry the most responsibility. This not only includes the upkeep of the farm, but also it's protection, which Sweet Apple Acres needs plenty of. Due to the Apple Family having a very successful farm (with a near monopoly on the apple aspect of the market), as well as Sweet Apple Acres being very close to the edge of Everfree forest, there's bound to be bouts of danger. This usually comes in the form of bandits, saboteurs, or wild creatures straying from Everfree.

While mostly dealing with mean-spirited folks (none of them from Ponyville, nor are they limited to just ponies) trying to destroy the crop only, there ARE some out there that have actually tried to do physical harm to the Apples themselves. They're always beaten back and ran off the farm, but not without giving AJ and Big Mac some remaining injuries that eventually scarred. 

Some of them are small, but the ones that are noticeable from the get go are the ones on her shoulder, back, and face; the ones on her face came from a bandit in their attempt to blind her with their claws. They missed, but left markings on her muzzle and cheek (the nick in her ear is from a childhood accident).

The ones on her back and shoulder are from an animal (maybe a small timberwolf or something) manages to get onto her back at one point. She's no worse for wear, nor does she mind having the scars. Besides, they give her somethin' really cool to tell youngsters about when they visit the farm. o3o

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there we go for now. c:

As always, though, feel free to ask me questions if you have any of them. And thanks a bunch for stopping by to take a look! 
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*siiiiiigh* your so good! i wish i could draw horses like that :(
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hi Earthsong just saying that I love your artwork and the creativity that you have 🙂

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Your headcanon of AJ makes her so much like me.....
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oh gods this makes me lonely
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is that a bite mark on her back!?!?!?!!!!
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This is pretty freaking awesome!
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I like that she's proper-stocky.
The look suits her.
You do such great artwork of my sugar cube! <3
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Totally the best pony! XD Yee Haw!
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I like what you have done with her expression! :)
Your style is very good! ^^ 
And it's funny to think about that you coloring her eyelashes and eyebrown with the same color as her mane! :)
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Best pony. *Nod*
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Certainly a fantastic pony. o3o
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I love how graceful and bold AJ looks here c:
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