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Golly, what sharp teeth you have


In which Linkle has the realization that she's attracted to a predatory fish monster. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's one of those things that I never intended on uploading to my gallery but was asked by a couple of folks to do so, so here it is. o3o Did this for a number of reasons: One is a slight change to Linkle’s design, the other is to try out a more “watercolor” approach to painting BGs and environments for more simplistic stuff, and the last is to show a character interaction. I chose Mipha and Linkle for this one, then Link and Sidon will be for the next one. <:

Definitely had a lot more fun with this than I thought! Just something relaxing and amusing to work on. Definitely gonna do more of these short comics/storyboard things! I really enjoy character-interaction stuff but I focus so much on the design aspect of anything I sometimes forget to actually draw the characters together. o3o

In any case, I hope ya'll like it! ^.^

EDIT: Added two extra panels because I thought it was funny 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You can see the larger version of the last two panels here:

Bite Me by Earthsong9405


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the reason that such a being is not unappealing, despite having teeth similar to a shark, is that unlike a shark, they have lips.

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Sharks have lips just not human like haha

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OMG, this is excellent! Especially the last two panels! XD

So Link gets shipped with no one this time? Dang.
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Bahaha~ The little detail where the ends of Linkle's braids are puffing out like a pufferfish because of embarrassment is both a cute detail and the cherry on this sundae of delight!

Mipha looks like she's actually mad at Linkle when she bares her fangs. I like it!

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so you made Linkle gay?

I apporve of this.
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Me: o///////o Bite me momma~
Mipha: Excuse me?!
Me: NOTHING!! >///////<;
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Honestly, same.
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Haha cute. Nicely done. :thumbsup:
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dude linkle is such a mood tbh
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This is SO CUTE
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Wait if they're bathing why does Linkle need to bandage her breasts (outside of DA moderators obviously)
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They aren't bathing, simply swimming and chillin in the water on a warm day
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Oh it looked like mipha wasn’t wearing anything so I got confused
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Oh, she's not, but the Zora in general don't exactly wear clothes the same way Hylians do as far as I can tell: they're almost completely naked save from jewelry and some dressings, so I don't think it'd be unusual for them to simply not wear any of it sometimes.
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Like way you draw Mipha, She look thick and muscular ;) 
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....UH NICE SMILE DEAR man this comic looks great
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we all are linkle...
we all are
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