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Fluffy!AU: The CMC gang


And here we go, the first batch of the human character designs, featuring the CMC Gang! Spike is essentially an honorary member in this AU, but the four of them are best buds. :3 So let's talk about these kiddos real fast for the AU:

-Sweetie Belle is 8 years old, the adopted daughter of Luna and adopted cousin to Spike. The two of them act more like siblings than they do cousins though. Sweetie Belle never had a childhood spent with either of her birth parents: she has a note from them, explaining why they had to give her up and reassuring her just how much they loved her, and though she is questioning and somewhat sad over it, she believes what they said whole-heartedly. She’s the one who gets picked on the most, if only because she’s smaller and less likely to confront her bullies, but her friends and big cuz has her back. Rarity may form a personal connection with Spike due to their similar history, but Rarity is just as fond of Sweetie: the girl treats the cat like some sort of princess kitty, and she very much appreciates it. She kinda reminds Rarity of Opal too.

- Scootaloo is 9 years old and lives with her aunts (yes the two are married) Holiday and Lofty. Despite them being her aunts though, Scoots prefers calling Holiday Mama and Lofty Mom: they’re more parental figures to her than her birth parents are, that’s for sure. She’s is essentially Dash’s owner and in this AU, has a prosthetic leg that starts a bit more below her knee. She lost her leg to a car accident: a careless driver was texting and ran a red light, nearly hitting the CMC while they were walking to get to school. Without much thought to her own safety, Scoots rushed forward and pushed them all out of the way; she, unfortunately, still got one of her legs caught underneath the speeding car and it mangled it enough to where it had to be amputated. The driver is still at large. 

Scootaloo bravely works hard to adjust to her new prosthetic but some days are hard for her to cope with both the pain and the sadness of losing her leg in the first place. Luckily her aunts and friends are forever supportive of her, and for that Scootaloo is grateful, far more than they could ever know.

- Apple Bloom is 10 years old and the only child of her deceased parents, so she lives with her Granny Smith on Sweet Apple Acres. Granny and AB work the farm with their beloved family dogs, Applejack and Big Mac, though they do hire on some help in order to better maintain the large stretch of land. AB loves her doggos and takes them just about everywhere she could possibly take them: on show-and-tell day her first year of school, she legit showed up to school riding on Big Mac’s back like a horse: certainly left the impression. Due to her unusually accurate understanding of what the animals communicate to her, she’s sometimes called “The Disney Princess” among her peers, not that she minds much. Due to being the oldest (older than Spike by a few months), she often acts as the big sister of the group, sometimes leading their ragtag team of friends into mischief but always looking out for everyone.

-Spike is 10 years old and the adopted child of Celestia. As the second oldest of the group Spike takes it upon himself to look after the group just as much as AB does, but he’s a bit more of a mother hen than he is a big brother in that aspect. While Spike may seem like a relatively normal kid, he carries with him a rough past. He comes from a rather abusive household: what exactly they’ve done to him, no one truly knows since he won’t talk about it, but what is known is his parents took him one night on a long, long drive before stopping the car and telling him to get out. And once he did, they just sped off into the night, leaving a younger Spike to stand on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, with nothin’ but his PJs and his favorite dragon teddy to accompany him.

Spike suffers from PTSD and has a mild case of diabetes, hence his reliance on his dog Twilight in this AU.


Sooo yep, there ya go! This was a lot of fun to draw; I took some design cues from kilalaaa when I was workin' on them; I love her interpretations of the humanized MLP cast. :3

Up next, some of the teenaged cast in the AU, including Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst!

Until then if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^.^

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This looks pretty Faust-y.

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Scootaloo is wearing shorts and tank top

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Scootaloo looks like High School Jack

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No idea who that is.

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I really like this AU!  I think it's cute.
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Will we see a drawing of Big Mac?
Llama-aliens's avatar
What about Big Mac?
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I was wondering if he would be an animal or a human in this au
Earthsong9405's avatar
He's a dog like Applejack
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You should do tutorials! I've recently had a lot of trouble drawing humans your so gosh-daen good at it! I mean at these cutie-patooties! You really should make some tutorials. But if you don't, that's fine.
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I've no interest in ding tutorials I'm afraid; I never have and likely won't in the future.
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These AUs of yours are always so creative and competent and complete in their conception!  And cute, to boot.
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Also you just made me realize for the first time that out of these 4 sweetie belle is the only one who actually lives with her parents. Not that Granny Smith isn't an amazing parent and not that Twilight isn't doing okay-ish raising Spike.. (though someone did raise the point.. since Spike was fairly effected by them knowing so little about dragons multiple times, once they had access to Ember Twilight should have got all the info she could have such that Spike's molt experience shouldn't have had to be so shocking to him.)
RukarioTrainer's avatar
I guess you knew, but yeah from the books Scootaloo has two aunts who she lives together with. : ) I think the writer said at some point that they are a cute couple when asked, so I guess it's not really just head cannon.
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I love the idea of Sweetie Belle being the youngest and shortest of the CMC!
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Poor broken kiddies, I just want to snuggle them. Good thing they have the fluffiest fluffies ever to keep care of them.
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Is Spike a type I or type II diabetic? I just ask because while some people can stay in “honeymoon” phases with type I (since I’m currently in one too!), there’s not usually a “mild case” of it. :c
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