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Fanfic Cover Commish: Records of Equestria

Finished Speedpaint commission for niklasross! They asked for cover artwork for their fanfic Records of Equestria, so here it be. I had a bunch of fun working on this one! uwu If you'd like to read the fanfic this artwork is for, you can do so here:…


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Whats the Fanfic about??
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Gotta read it to figure that out.
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Ya kinda got Ajs cutie mark on Pinkies hoof ^^'
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Wonderful work
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I love the different bodies!!!!!!!
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that looks so cool :o

i am now going to read this fanfic bc i am so inTERESTED
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Look at AJ bein' all awesome over there
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My god, that is an extremely fluffy Pinkie. She's so tiny!! I just want to squeeze her!
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oooooh this is gooooood.
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Applejack.. Damn <3 Thats an awesome Jackie!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COMMISSION!!! Seriously, swells my heart to see this posted. You're such a talented artist and I'm so happy with how this turned out. 
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Bulky Applejack is epic.
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have a epic halloween
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I know they're all hunkering down for a fight, but they're all so adorable! Like, they all look so soft and fuzzy, and Pinkie looks like the perfect tiny cuddlebug, and Flutters being protected by AJ like that! Just, ack!
Pinkie looks so chubby I love it cx
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lol Frizzled Pinkie is BEST Pinkie
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Woah... this is soooo cool!
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