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Everypony Smile!


EDIT: This has been shaded and completed! The mixed-media thing actually worked like a charm. and it was pretty fun and simple to do since I decided to leave the background blank. :3 The tools used to create this is:

-Sketchbook (original sketches composed there)
-Photoshop (separate drawings were placed together, lined, then flat-colored)
-Acrylics (watered-down top accommodate the grade of paper, but still acrylic)
-Permanent black sharpie (for specific areas that needed retouches)

That's just for anyone who's curious as to what I used to finish this image. :3 But yeah, it was a bunch of fun, and it's probably a method I'll try out again at some point. But at least now I have an actual original painting (alongside the original sketches) of this image so I can frame it and sell it at Bronycon. ^.^

As for the image itself… this is more or less a successor to this:

The Best Of Friends by Earthsong9405

I draw the Mane 6 a lot but I’ve noticed that I don’t necessarily draw them interacting much, which is something I’d like to change. So to kick it off, this is what I came up with! The girls and Spike are taking a well-deserved vacation and asked some passerby to take a group photo of them. Everypony, smile! :D

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it so far! ^.^

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I love this! Also, quick question.

Is there a story behind the scars on AJ, Flutters and Twi?
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COOOL rainbow dash`s wings are so big and beautiful and TWILIGHT SPARKLE is so Pretty
This is a glorious picture. I've always admired your semi-realistic and splendid style and it really shines here. What I find particularly striking here is Rainbow Dash with her outstretched rainbow wings. That could have made a wonderful picture in of itself.
Only thing I would have changed is I would have put Spike on Twilight Sparkle's head.
I assume Twilight's shock of gold hair is the result of her princesshood?
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Thanks! I'll probably do an image with RD's wings spread to fully showcase how colorful they are. As for Spike, the main reason I didn't put him with Twi is because I wanted to showcase that he's close to all of them and not just Twi, so he'd be fully comfortable hitching a ride on someone else's shoulder instead of being limited to just Twilight.

And yes, the streak of gold was a side-effect of her ascension. :3
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Nicely done, cool you gave Spike wings (cause in my opinion If it hasn't wings it can't be called a Dragon) but why do Twilight and Applejack have scars?
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AJ and Twi aren't the only ones to have scars; Fluttershy has them too. :3

AJ has them because she is the primary protector of the farm and as such she often defends her home, business, and family from jealous competitors and wild animals that wander into the farm from Everfree Forest.

The scars Twi has visible are the ones on her face, and she received one when she was younger and tried to fight off bullies picking on Spike. The second one is from the episode It's About Time, where she handles Cerberus until they return to Tartarus. 
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Why does Pinkie has scales too? :confused:
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They aren't scales, they're feathers.
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Okay, why does Pinkie have feathers?
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Cause' in her headcanon she's part Pegasus.
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Oh my god; I'm not even remotely into My Little Pony (but I love browsing the amazing artwork the fandom can produce, such as this) but this is amazing. I love how you've made each pony so realistic and added little "imperfections" such as scars.. It really adds a whole new element to the characters. I l o v e it. ; w ; 
i love this they look great and rainbowdash showing off is a great detail
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Applejacks design is so cute <3
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Bff's 4-ever!Hug mlp mane 6 (group hug) #3 plz 
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I was so, so happy to see this WIP actually pop back up as a full-fledged picture! I remember when you posted the WIP and I thought, "that's gonna turn out great" and low and behold it's fantastic. A great successor as well. I noticed something I never really did looking back at your older picture and then at this one, AJ almost never has her signature hat on. I guess you just draw her so well that it's unnoticeable :) The different hairstyles are welcome as well. Also has Dash always had tufted ears?
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Lol, I'm just glad it finally came into fruition, and I think it was for the better that I waited nearly a year before actually finishing it. Waiting gave me the opportunity to fine-tune this into a better image, as well as explore a new technique of coloring that seems to have worked out here. :3

As for AJ, you're indeed right! I often just don't draw her signature hat because I either.... not necessarily forget it, but simply not draw it in, or decide not to for composition purposes. This one was simply because I didn't want to block Spike's face nor cover her hair. xD And yes, RD in my headcanon has tufted ears, and I've drawn her with them all the time. ^.^
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Wow ur style got pretty cleaned up and prettier than before!
Even if it was going now WOW
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