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Doodle- Young Luna

I'm currently working on the visual development of another original game concept for one of my final projects, and I decided to take a quick break so I whipped this up. I haven't drawn young Luna or Celestia before, so here's young Luna, as she was seen in Season 1! ^.^

I of course took some liberties with her design so it can fit my headcanon. Luna here has been freed from the Nightmare's influence for a couple of months, and her body is undergoing a rapid change in order to try and "catch up", as it were, to the magical growth Celestia had already experienced so many long centuries ago. This is the first of many (she's essentially going through a secondary puberty) magical spurts, where her physical appearance begins to take on a more ethereal look. She's only just at the beginning of the spurt though, hence why her coat hasn't darkened and her mane and tail hasn't lengthened yet. It's also why her hair and wings aren't reflecting the night sky as vividly as they do when she eventually reaches her peak, but there is still the beginnings of twinkling stars and gradients. C:

This was a bunch of fun to do, and so sketchy! I may try drawing a young Celestia next. O:
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I know this is old but I gotta say, in one of the comics it explains how Luna got her magical flowing hair stuff. I know you probably don’t include the comics into your headcanon but anyways  I would highly recommend it because it is a good comic and one of my favorites...
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I don't read the comics, nor do include them in my headcanons. But nevermind any of that because I don't even headcanon mlp anymore.
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At first I was like 'SO SHORT SMOL MOON BEBE' buuuuuut then i realized her legs just cut off at the knees
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What a lovely baby!!! What a precious bean!!!!! 
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I love that you draw unicorns/pegacorns like kirins!
it is so cute!
My oc is an earth pony, but she has a kirin tail like that.
I love your style!
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Hey . i love all your artwork its really amazing . how do you draw pieces like this is it photoshop?
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ehh i will ignore ur skin tails since thats maybe your style so i think amazing art
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Actually it isn't. Leonine tails in a unicorn is the historic representation of them. Whether or not that feature is included in some media varies, but that was the original portrayal of them.
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ohh, I'm not fond of "skin tails" but it still is better then anything I could do
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Saw the thumbnail and thought she had really stubby legs hehe XD.
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I noticed that your depiction of Season 1 Luna has ethereal mane and tail transition like your depiction of Twilight. Does that mean that Twilight has magical growth puberty too? Will she grow into a fully sized alicorn like Celestia and Luna?

(I'd like to see what a young Celestia looks like :) (Smile) Nod )
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Ascended alicorns only hit growth-spurts based on their own DNA, and given that Twilight comes from a relatively tall (but not too tall) family, she got one too. Unlike a born alicorn though, she won't grow any taller than what she already has, so no, she won't be as tall as Celestia and Luna. 

Luna was a special case because she didn't grow into herself naturally like she would have if she weren't trapped and frozen on the moon, so in order to accommodate that her magic essentially "forced" her into a several spurts of growth, both magically and physically.
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So no magic flowing hair for Cadence? What about Flurry Heart?
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Cadance has hair similar to Twi's; it's ethereal, but it isn't effected by her magic like Celestia and Luna's are. Twilight's a special case in that while her hair isn't flowing by way of her magic's aura, her outward appearance changed more than Cadance's did: wings that reflect a sunset's sky, and both her wings and hair reflecting what looks like stars in them. Flurry's a special case because she isn't like the Alicorn Sisters either, so while she may gain magically flowing hair when she's older it won't really be as ethereal as Celestia's or Luna's. At most, her blue stripe will glow and shimmer with magic.
Look a that huggable face! :D

Great work.
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Really cute! She looks beautiful. ^^
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teeny tiny body 
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Sweet. I love it! Love 
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My pleasure. :D (Big Grin) 
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