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Doodle- Young Celestia

Aaaawwww yiss. The preparation for Bronycon is beginning to go really underway, and while I was working on of the prints I decided to do something very fast and cute for possible other stoof for the convention... as well as for fun! As I said earlier in the doodle of Young Luna, I had always wanted to draw younger Celestia but never really got around to it. Well, now I have! So here she is; young Celestia, all long-bodied and awkward build. Again, I took some liberties with the design so it'd better fit my headcanon, buuuuuuuuut yeah.

I've always believed that the sisters were like.... 4 or 5 years apart, and when they were younger Celestia was the primary caretaker of Luna for a little while since their parents perished at a young age, leaving the two the only remaining living alicorns at the time. They weren't in hiding so much as they were simply kinda away from the rest of civilization until a little later, when Starswirl the Bearded took them in and raised them (of which Starswirl never told anyone about, and neither did the sisters, so that bit remains out of pony history.) She's only JUST beginning her puberty stage and, unlike Luna, hers will progress naturally and take a long time to complete (which was supposed to happen to Luna), so her hair and wings don't gain the ethereal properties until a little later. I'd imaging this version of her is maybe a little bit before she and Luna took the mantle as Princesses of Equestria. C:

Buuuuut yeah. This was a bunch of fun to draw! I hope you guys like! C:
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She's so cute! 
The body is lovely, but I think her legs are a bit too skinny.
Well, just a doodle, but the legs distract from the otherwise excellent artistry.
PinkieTane's avatar
horse legs are skinny irl
That's true, but here--and I especially mean her forelegs--they seem way too skinny and unable to carry Celestia's considerable weight.
It's still a great picture, nothing can take that away. The forelegs are just worryingly thin.
But I must admit I'm no horse expert. I shall have to consult another...
PinkieTane's avatar
that's just how horses look 
really skinny legs
bulky bodies 

it's a mystery how they work
Anubinch's avatar
I like it - gives me "the last unicorn" vibes.

Call me nostalgic but i like seeing the ponies in that kinda style.
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
Starswirl... that's one you haven't done much art for. 

Do you have plans to depict younger Celestia using your 'prime' style?  Also, there are substantial gaps in my viewings of FiM's episodes, comics and whatnot.  Where was it established that Celestia originally had a pink mane?
Earthsong9405's avatar
If you're talking about how I generally draw ponies then this is the prime style, just lacking in full-body and digital. And it's established she had a pink mane when younger by the premiere of the show in general, during the opening sequence. If that's not enough, then it's simply how I personally headcanon her in her younger years.

As for Starswirl, I don't do much art of him no, but I do have a drawing of him that can be seen on my tumblr, I'll just have to find it's link first.
NO-SoupForYou's avatar
Ah.  It's been a really long time since I last watched that episode.  And as for the style question, the leg length threw me off.  I should have looked closer at them.=P (Razz)

How about the Ahuizotl?  Any plans to draw our mustachioed friend? 
Starflowey's avatar
I loved the pink hair with a yellow at the end of the ponytail
Catiacaterina's avatar
How beautiful she is with a pink hair in her young age.Celestia smile 
Earthsong9405's avatar
SilverWolf866's avatar
She looks adorable, love the ponytail! x)
MozzieArt's avatar
I always love these doodles where the bottom halves of their legs are not there X3 I always look at the picture for a good ten seconds before i realise that , no, they dont just have midget legs, they are just not drawn yet. 
Earthsong9405's avatar
Ya gotta get your amusement wherever you can, I'd say! x3
MozzieArt's avatar
haha You really do, don't you? The first time I saw that, I thought you were experimenting with a different sort of pint pony XP
SonicHomeboy's avatar
Hey, we all have a starting point. :) Still as elegant as ever. ^^
Earthsong9405's avatar
Indeed indeed! Even as a lanky pone Celestia is still graceful as ever. x3
waraiigoe's avatar
I really love the shades of pink and yellow you used, it looks great on Celestia! <3
BubbleButtPlush's avatar
when i saw the tab for this i thought she had super stubby legs XD
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