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Doodle- My Little Sister


So I had the brilliant idea of taking a doodle I did a little bit ago and try to color it digitally. Which, in itself, isn’t a bad idea, only I don’t have a tablet. So I decided to color this. With my mouse. It took longer than necessary. :/

But, eh. It was still fun and I think it came out okay, since I’ve never actually colored with photoshop. O: 

As for the sketch itself, whenever I drew it I was in the mood for something cute, so I drew a young Shining Armor at the age of maybe 7 or 8 holding an infant Twilight Sparkle. It’s probably the first time he holds her, and from this point on he knew he’d work to be the best big brother she could ever hope for. He needn’t worry though; Twi’s already attached to the little fella. xDI was gonna write a little drabble but I decided against it since I’m sorta sleepy; it’d probably end up nothing but gibber-gabber at this point. o3o If you guys wanna write a snippet for it be my guest. Otherwise, feel free to ask questions if you have any. c:

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can i make a base but i dont credit sorry if no its ok i understand 
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I don't allow bases to be made from my art.
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I'm glad you like it! ^.^
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I love all of your drawings
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I'm glad, thank you! ^.^
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You evil evil.
Now I have diabeetus :(
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*rubs hands together evilly* Yes... excellent. C:<
Sneshneeorfa's avatar
Nooooo how could you :'(
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Aww! Your creations inspire me alot!
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Aw really adorebale work here
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How did you make the pencil lines visible over the colouring?
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The sketch was the "Base layer", for lack of a better word. Then in the next layers I used to color it, I set them to "multiply" so I wouldn't have to change the color's opacity in order to see the lines underneath it still. :3
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Okay, thanks a lot 🐴
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Shining's eyes look so full of pride and happiness! D'awwrable
Earthsong9405's avatar
Lol, he's a proud big brother! He probably goes around and shows her off to his friends. xD "Guess what fellas? I'M a big brother!"
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Twilight would probably just beam at him as he showed her off to the increasingly peeved stallions lol c:
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this was so cute XD
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I can't help but always go back to this drawing whenever I browse your page. It's just....adorkable, too adorkable to even ♥
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