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Commission: big birb and little birbs

Haven't posted any commissions for a while so here's one I finished recently! A rather large Illustration commission for :iconchaoslynx1989: of his character Alexander and his four young daughters heading home after a visit to a place special to them. There's far more to the story than just that but, since I don't know the full of it I'll leave it at that for now! I decided to make the focus moreso on the characters than where they're coming from, but even then the background took me at least 2 separate tries (one of which was a redo) before I finally reached a point where I was satisfied with the result.

This was pretty challenging I have to admit, but I'm very proud of the result! uwu

Thank you so much again for your patience and commissioning me Chaos! <:

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Awwe how adorable! Four little ones all bundled up in fluffy feathers, which by the way are very nicely done.
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that is a lot of smols to keep track of o.o
Earthsong9405's avatar
Inorite? Big birb got his hands full, literally xD
LezzyBugO3O's avatar
Awww so many cute babies! The detailing on the wings is lovely too!
LorienInksong's avatar
D'aww this is just too cute. Love how expressive everyone in the image is. ^_^
Maxiima's avatar
uuuu amazing as always earth! I love how it turned out and i love the cool atmosphere of the whole piece. very nice! 
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Precious babies. Another amazing piece as always X)
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The scene here is Alexander is taking his quadruplet daughters to see their mother who passed away during labour of the 4 girls he had made a silent promise that the girls would grow up knowing who their mother was and the amazing woman she had been, they had been there for only an hour when the westerly winds turned east so to prevent the girls getting sick from the cold Alexander stood up and using his wings as shield he headed home with the girls

The Characters are Alexander Theotanasia the dad, Aphrodite is the sleeping baby, Belle is one looking at her dad's feather with surprising interest, Cynthia is trying to climb off her dad's wing and lastly Dianna is the cutie getting her dad's tongue poked out at her

Earthsong this piece is absolutely amazing thank you for this and i look forward to being able to print it out and hang it on my wall thank you again for this I love it
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They're so smol and adorable
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This looks so adorable.
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hm 2 sets of wings.. interesting
Creek-a-boo's avatar
This is freaking adorable!!!
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