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Commission: Pleasant Company

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Tier 5 (illustration) commission for capricornzodiac24 of their character Witch Way with Zecora! This is a sequel to this image here:
Commission: Witches at Work by Earthsong9405
After a long day of experimenting with potion recipes, Zecora and Witch Way retire to Zecora's bedroom upstairs to wind down and relax. With books, some hot chocolate, and very pleasant company, it's the perfect end to a perfect day. <:

This. Took. FOREVER. To do. And I enjoyed every second of it; I don't often get to work with pieces like this: interior backgrounds are challenging for me but I really enjoy trying to figure them out, they're like puzzles! I think I can see some improvement in how I handle lighting/rendering too in comparison to the previous image. All around I'm VERY proud of the result here. <:

Thank you so much again for commissioning me Capri!! uwu

Process Vid Coming Soon!

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I keep thinking that we need more zebras in the show. Seriously, after all new creatures in season 8, I wonder why.

Wonderful work
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Wonderful work!
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Pone-DancerHobbyist Digital Artist
I can see why this would take forever 0.o it's fantastic 
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SvenWolfstrom92Hobbyist Artist
This is so warm and beautiful, I love it
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Zecora looks naked without her gold bands on.
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This looks so cozy. I love it ^^
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You say it took forever, but boy did it come out bloody awesome! :eager:
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  You most assuredly deserve effusive adulation for this magnificent work of art.  And it is truly magnificent, sir.  The devotion, time and effort you invest in these pieces is indicative of your commitment to your craft.  You are exceptionally talented.  Your art is so pleasing to the eye and incredibly calming.

  Perseverance really is key, but I'm sure you already know that.  You probably wouldn't be doing this, otherwise.

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inke-riHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I am very amused at the previous picture being a photo on the wall lmao
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animalpainterStudent Digital Artist
So gorgeous!
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Taren14Hobbyist Writer
Zecora looks so cute x3
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This looks awesome. Love the little detail with the pictures on the wall.
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