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Commission: *Deeply Inhales* BOI

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Tier 1 Commission for chibirenamon to be used as cover art for a fanfic he's workin' on! The fanfic in question is called Not Your Assassins, Dweeb, where Gilda and Shining Armor must team up on a long adventure of getting framed, assassinations, and dweebiness... without killing each other along the way. So far, they aren't quite getting along. >.> I had a ton of fun working on this one. uwu

Thank you so much again for commissioning me, Chibi! C:

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this is awesome, i love their body language and expressions!

and dat beard tho

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This is gonna be good!
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Saphi-BooHobbyist Digital Artist
This makes me want to ship them
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Bruh I don't even like MLP but this is so hecking good I can't not love it
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
love it!
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Nice work!
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LightDragon1988Student Artisan Crafter
Atmospher picture! Good work!
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undercoverblacksheepProfessional General Artist
I love his expression. Gonna have to read the fic now.
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SO MUCH FREAKING YES!!!!! love it!
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I had to go stupid comment, but any guy with a hard corner could have a bad day.The Emoji Movie - Mel Meh Icon Cloudy Days 
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???????? WHAT
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I wanted something in a Rubens style, but it did not work out. It's difficult to transfer a sense of humor.
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Your English is so fucked up it's hard to understand what you're saying, but English ain't my native language either.
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Pirates of the Caribbean - James Norrington Icon 5 my either.Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer
that makes absolutely no sense
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Forgive me, I meant erection. Hard unicorn horn.
 hard corner = boner
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imgonnakillu123Hobbyist General Artist
can you PLEASE tell me how to draw your wings
they look amazing omfg and i just can't pull them off correctly ;-;
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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer
Learning how the wing works both as an anatomical limb (you don't need to know every single nook and cranny of it, just how it's structured overall) and as a basic shape works wonders in learning how to simplify them. Look at a lot of references and watch stuff of birds flying and do observational drawings.

Basically, practice practice practice. 
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imgonnakillu123Hobbyist General Artist
oh. okay thank you ^^
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Discbreaker100Hobbyist General Artist
Gilda: "Shining, I think we're.....hey, HEY, Come back here!!! STOP BRRAKING THE FORTH WALL, THAT'S THE PINK ONES JOB!!!! DWEB!!!!
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
Interesting...any particular reason you decided to give Gilda visible ears?
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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer
No particular reason, no o3o
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Good morning friend, oh!!!!.
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