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Collab- Please Wake Up, Discord!


“C’mon, Discord! You have to get up!”

No matter how hard Fluttershy shakes and pulls and prods, Discord doesn’t respond. Only his slow, wheezing breaths answer her.

“Please wake up!”

Fluttershy’s heart skips when Discord heaves a deep, shuddering sigh. He doesn’t budge. His skin is so cold.  Her heart stops the moment his breath does. Nothing to fill the silence other than her own sobs, the soft patter of blood and tears hitting the ground.



So that’s my poor attempt at writing a very short drabble for this pic. Man, I need practice. :C

Anyway, enough of you wanted to see this bad-boy colored, and that’s exactly what happened very recently. This is a collaboration between myself and the magnificent MiidniightSuun! I did the sketch and she was kind enough to provide the beautiful colors to the sketch and let me post it up on my tumblr and DA. C: I highly recommend checking her out; I dunno if she has a tumblr but you can see her artwork HERE!

So I assume the pic is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll say something about it anyway! 8D What basically happened was that Shy and Discord were attacked by something, something strong enough to render even the deity of Chaos bloody and broken. What that something is can be left up to interpretation. Whether or not Discord also lives (with the passage above just being a “Disney Death” sort of deal) or if he actually does die from his wounds here is up to you, too. There really isn’t any story set in stone for this image other than “try to give viewers feels, ehehehehehehe”. I hope that was achieved. O:

I hope you all enjoy! And thanks again for coloring this, Miidniight! ^.^

(P.S: Should there be a mature tag here? There's blood but not a lot so I opted not to, but yeah...)

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I don’t think he’s going to wake up.

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Make a story about I need to know what did that to them
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well this is just epic.

i like the idea of another Draconequus, which is powerful enough to bring Discord in a "terrible wounded" or in a " to die off" situation.
hmm actually really good stuff for a drama/angst fanfic.
or a new mlp villian.

anyway love that masterpiece <3
Excellent work
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it would be adorable if it was like the ending in beauty and the beast where she said the words i love you and he came back to life just for her. 
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His eyes begin to peel open. "F-Fluttershy?..." he breathes out, and nearly coughed his lungs out.
Fluttershy is relieved that he is alive, but can only imagine the pain he was feeling. She sets his head on a rock. "Oh God... You're alive, but..." 
"Not... much longer..." He can see the tears welling in his darling's eyes. "Oh, don't be sad, my dear... I wouldn't... Have it... Any other way." He lets out another cough. 
"H-how can you say that?" She squeaked. "You shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have put yourself in danger! N-now... Now you'll..." she embraces him tightly, sobbing into his blood-soaked fur. 
"H-hey. I... Couldn't just... Let them kill you. I had to do something." 
She doesn't answer him at first. Taking a shuddery breath, she sobs out "I'm so scared!" 
"I know." He answers. "It's normal to be scared. But trust me... This was what I wanted." 
"What? But why? You have people who care about you, who would miss you. Why would you...?" 
"Back when I... First found out I would... Live forever... I made a promise to myself. That... If I ever was to die... That I would die a hero." He reaches out to wipe away a tear from her face with his thumb. "And even though the country hates me at this point... Once they find out I saved you... Well, they've got to give me credit for that..." He props himself up on his arm, his elbow buckles under his own weight, but he still manages to support himself long enough to kiss Fluttershy on the lips. It lasts for two or three seconds, then he pulls away, smirks, and says "I'll be waiting for you in heaven, my dear~" Then falls back, closing his eyes, his head smashing into the rock. 
The blood leaks from the back of his head onto the rock. He dies, still with his triumphant smirk, and the battle wounds of a true hero.
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Ho my god it's so sad!
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this honestly really reminds me of that scene in Spirited Away where Haku is attacked by those paper things and rushes inside, all bloody and wild-looking. 

Edit: y'know what, you've probably seen that comment enough. regardless, i love the emotion in this drawing!
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tears of joy lol love death
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idk i was tired that day XD
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Whether he dies or not in this image is up to you. c:
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then he is playing with flutters and pretending he is dead QwQ
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But why would he do that? Is it Halloween or something? 

"Discord no! Please, no! Don't be dead, please don't be dead..." 
"Huh? Woah! Hey, hey it's OK. It's jam, see? It's okay, it's okay, it's just a prank. It was just a prank, Han!"
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There is no sleep for the wicked till we close our eyes for good
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Just copying som lyrics .3.
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Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

And now I'm seeing Discord doing a sort of a reverse-phoenix. Body flaking and crumbling away to ash, and from the ashes a fire blooms, shaping into a new body...

...probably with his limbs all switched about, because Chaos. ;)
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