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Collab- I Wanna Be Just Like You!

The completed version of WIP- I Wanna Be Like You! , this is a collaboration print for Bronycon between myself and the ever amazing :iconcelebi-yoshi:!

I did the lineart and she did the fantastic coloring! Just look at it! I wanna be able to color like that. ;_;

She doesn't have this image up in her gallery yet but when she does I'll link to it. Until then, I highly recommend you guys taking a look through her Gallery; it's well worth it! ^.^

So in the WIP version of this, folks expressed concern over how big Applejack is, and I'd like to tell you that... well, her size here is accurate as far as my headcanon goes. She's supposed to be big because she's bigger than the average pony, so if she were to stand she'd easily dwarf little Apple Bloom. She IS nearly 6ft tall at the shoulder, after all. >.>

But yeah. AJ's a big horsey 'cause she is. x3

But anyway, this image. The general idea behind it is that, after the death of their parents, Applejack sorta took up the mantle of being one of the primary caretakers of Apple Bloom. As such, AB sorta sees Applejack as the one she wants to be like the most. She certainly looks up to her Granny and Big Mac, but she definitely looks up to Applejack. AJ doesn't mind this of course. c:

So yeah, there ya have it. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, and again, big thanks to Celebi-Yoshi for coloring this! ^.^
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I saw a picture similar to this one! Amazing are work and a cute scene!Love Hug :happybounce: La la la la I am a dummy! Wink/Razz :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) 
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Cute apple sisters :3
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it is so cute when the little children or filly wanting to be like their sibling or parents
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"A-Ba-da-do-dee-a-da Now I'm the leader of the CMC. The Crusaders' VIP. I've reach the top and to stop and that's botherin' me. I wanna be an Apple, AJ. I wanna sell them into town. And be just like the other members. I'm tired of playing around. Ohhh ooo-be-do (ooo-be-do) I wanna be like you. (hop-do-do-be-do-be-da) I wanna walk ya. (cheep) Trot like ya (choop) too. Ya see it's true (do-be-do) a filly like me. (Shoo-be-do) Can learn to be strong like you." 
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What are the scars from
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Applejack is the primary protector of the farm, and defends her land and family from the likes of wild animals wandering out of the Everfree forest, and bandits/competitors trying to sabotage the Apple Acre Farm's produce. She received a lot of her scars from these encounters.
I was about to ask you about the scars. Now I don't need to.
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I love how you draw Applejack :3
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these are tiny hooves
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Are those scars on Jackie's muzzle from heavy harness use?
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No, they're from protecting the farm from the dangers it often has, such as wild animals and ill-willed saboteurs and bandits.
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