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Collab- Higher, Twi! Higher!

Part one of the collab-trade between myself and DailylifeofSpike! I did the lineart (which can be seen HERE) and he did the fantastic colors! :3 I don't know if he has a DA which is why I'm posting his tumblr. So if you also have a tumblr, be sure to check him out (and if you don't, take a look at his stuff anyway 8D)!

So for this image we decided to go with showcasing an interaction between Spike and Twilight, and after I refined the sketch I did of Twi and Spike for the collab, he took up the coloring. I love the atmosphere in this; there's something... peaceful? Serene? About cloudy and dark skies with light breaking through them. I dunno what it is, but he captured it very well. C:

So as I mentioned in the past deviation, this image obviously takes place before Twilight gains her wings. In my headcanon she is the primary caretaker of Spike and basically his adoptive mother, a role they don't necessarily voice often but it's one that both fully acknowledge and embrace. I don't know whether or not I'll headcanon Spike with wings or no (I can't decide :/) but either way, I think in playful moments Twilight would pick Spike up with her magic and zoom him around in the air to allow him to feel like he's flying. Spike loves every second of it, too. x3 When she gains her wings and becomes a decent flyer, though, I think Twilight would forgo using her magic entirely and just take him on joyrides in the sky, but she'd still do this every now and again just because Spike still enjoys it, and she loves seeing him happy. :3

I'd like to write a short story/drabble for this image 'cause I wanna get back into writing fanfic (if only to keep my writing in practice), but I'm a little stumped with how to go about it, so if you have any ideas feel free to suggest it. Otherwise, you're welcome to ask any questions you have, be sure to check out DailyLifeofSpike, and thank you for takin' a look! ^.^
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Spike's head fins make his head look like a pineapple.

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Very informative.

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I really like the artstyle of this drawing.

Good work Earthsong9405.
You are very talented :)
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This is adorable!
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lovelyRequest - Aurasans and Nightsans icons (part 2)  but skin tail...
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Very cute picture of Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon.
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The colors are indeed fantastic, but the lineart is fantastic too! But about those colors. It's just so cool that such a normally gloomy atmosphere should look so beautiful in this context. And as for the lineart, I can hear everything happening in the image, as if I've just re-developed synesthesia. The hooves clacking on the cobblestones, the grass whooshing as the hand of the wind brushes across it from one end of the valley to the other, the leaves rustling in the wind, magic sparkling, and of course Spike doing his little hyuck-giggle. It's all here, all one thousand words in a single image.
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I didn't think Spike could look any mlre cute.😄❤
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I love this piece good job :)
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I really like how this came out! It was already SUPER cute to begin with, but I like it even more now that it's coloured. This is so beautiful! Great job x3!
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Thanks so much!! ^.^
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I never realized how adorable baby spike is ! Until this picture :D
Great work !
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You're very welcome :D
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maybe in you headcanon Spike convinces Twi to see if she can give him wings with her magic! 
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He could try, but she probably won't be able to give him actual permanent wings since magic doesn't necessarily work in that way in their world. She'd probably only be able to craft wings similar to Rarity's butterfly wings that one episode: completely made of nothing but magic, and absolutely temporary. o3o
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He would still probably be content with that! :3 
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Wow. I barley remember Twi being just a unicorn after she ascended into an Alicorn. The memories....
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Indeed, the nostalgia. :3
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Oh my Gosh, this is so cute, I can't~!! 
I think your styles match very well! I really like this comic-ish look it has!
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