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Collab- Empty Isolation


The collaboration print between myself and ever so amazing :iconturnipberry:! I did the lineart, and she did the breathtaking coloring! I dunno about you guys, but she did a fantastic job with the coloring; I’m a huge sucker for monochromatic images that isn’t grey, and blue monochrome images are typically my favs. And boy, she knocked this outta the park! I highly recommend taking a look at her gallery; you’ll see more fantastic art from turnip HERE. Also, be sure to fav and comment on her upload of the deviation:

Collaboration: Empty isolation. by turnipBerry I highly recommend giving Turnip a watch as well! ^.^

As for the image in question, we decided to go for something involving Nightmare Moon! The concept behind it is essentially playing around with how Nightmare Moon was imprisoned to the moon for all those years. For the alicorn though, I think the worst part wouldn’t be the fact that she didn’t successfully usurp her sister or maybe even the fact that she’s stuck. The worst part, I think, would be the isolation; she’s not alone in the normal sense, she’s the only living thing within the realm she’s kept prisoner in, on her own damned moon, in the terrifyingly cold and empty, empty atmosphere with not even her own breathing to break the unnatural silence. With only her thoughts of what she’s done and what-ifs to keep her distracted for a thousand years.

That sort of isolation would understandably screw someone up, so unless she was legit in a slumber for all of those years (which I’d assume Celestia would do as some form of mercy but meh), I’m surprised she doesn’t have any form of fear of being left alone for an extended amount of time, or that she has nightmares that are just of her enduring that seemingly endless time of nothing. Such an interesting concept…. I might headcanon it! 8D It’s a little too early for my mind to work properly for that though, so if I do, you’ll just see a separate post for it.

Until then, thank you again for collaborating with me, turnipBerry!

As for the rest of ye’, I hope you guys enjoy the image as much as I do! Ask any questions if you’d like, but other than that thanks for takin’ a look! ^^

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Thisss is so masterfulll!! Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh! 
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I know this is one of your older pieces, but goodness every time I see it, i'm just blown away by the detail, colors, and emotion it portrays. You and turnipBerry did an incredible job on this.
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I know this is old, but holy cow, this. Is. Beautiful.
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Beautiful...that is all I can say right now...beautiful!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love Clap Clap Clap 
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What a magnificent drawing of Luna! I couldn't help but notice that she doesn't have her Nightmare Moon armor, so if I may offer a different scenario: This is indeed Luna, who has been led into a trap by a traitor who is under the employ of Tirek's brother, Nebulous. Nebulous wants the nightmare realm for himself, and has recently become powerful enough to take over the night. Nebulous laughs as he watches the chained alicorn struggle, for he is now free to terrorize all of Equestria with his nightmares.

Luna glares at him, "You will not succeed, usurper! I will be free, and I will make you PAY!!"
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This is so gorgeus! ;o;
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*when you see something epic and you don't know what to say*Princess Luna (i coming) plz Princess luna Princess LunaPrincess LunaNightmare Moon Emoticon   :iconlunadarkplz: 50x50 LunaMoon Chew icon 
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Totally epic!Chibi Princess Luna Icon MLP Emote Princess Luna Cute Face 
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fucking beautiful Clap 
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aww moon horse 
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Oh.. oopsy! ༼ つ  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ༼ つ  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ༼ つ  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ
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I'd love to collaborate with you but honestly I highly doubt my art is fit for such an honor •^•
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This is absolutely stunning! ^^ ❤
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