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Collab- Bookworms

This is the finished result of a collaboration between myself and the awesome :iconryua:! I did the lines and she did the amazing coloring. :3 Thanks so much for collaborating with me! You all be sure to check her gallery out as well as comment/fave her upload of this image here:
Reading- Collab with Earthsong by Ryua

So in this image we have ourselves anthrofied Twilight and Spike doin' some late night reading in one of their favorite reading spots. I'd imaging that Twilight's magic's light enough to allow them to see what they're reading without too much strain, but even then, I thought it'd be really cute if the two of them got so into their reading that they decided to ignore the darkness of the night just to finish at least one more chapter. Spike's shown to be quite a reader in the show, and I think we all know where he got that from! x3 Buuuuut yeah, just a cute idea that really came into itself that's to the fantastic coloring. ^.^

I hope you guys like it as much as I do! C:
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great job!
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Ooooh, I didn't notice the little tweaks you made, extra light on the lines and such. That makes it much sharper. Very cool.
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You guys did such an amazing job here. ^^ Atmosphere is breathtaking, and it's always a job seeing Twilight and Spike like this. :)
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Thank ya thank ya! ^.^
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You're most welcome. :)
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This is pretty awesome. You picked a great scene for them. It feels very Twilight Sparkle.
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I can't remember...was this one gonna be a print or not? Cause it might be a little dark for that.
Love Twilight's wing here.
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It wasn't, not unless Ryua is fine with it. o3o
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Woah, you two did a great job! :D
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Two little cuties reading >3>
So perfect ~
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Thanks so much! ^.^
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This came out so beautiful! I really do love Twilight with short hair. The picture as a whole is just so relaxing and sweet. <3
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This is really incredible!!!
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OMG this is so beatiful i din't know you can make night shots OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Oh no, I didn't color this. :iconryua: colored it for me as a collaboration; she did a great job with it! ^.^
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awwwww that's just so amazingggg~~~
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Thanks! ^.^ Big thanks to Ryua for that, I'd say. :3
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