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Capture the Flag


** NOTE: If you wanna see the details of the entire image just download the sketch. :3 **

This one is a gift to a buddy of mine, Shaleclaw , for all the help he’s been with the headcanon book as well as Bronycon. So, here are his OC, Skye, and Rainbow Dash playing a friendly but intense game of Capture The Flag. ^.^

So I had a ridiculously amount of fun sketching this. The drawing kinda happened when I was listening to Jonsi’s Where No One Goes from the HTTYD2 soundtrack (god I freakin’ love that movie ;_; ), and once I started sketching I simply couldn’t stop! I do ask that you guys forgive the perspective though; I’m more than a bit rusty, so it may be a little inconsistent. :C Despite that, though, I really really had fun drawing this. I just hope the movement I tried to convey isn’t too bad of an attempt. O:

Also, I hope you like it, Shale! 8D

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Do you allow fans of your art to color your sketches? I'd love to practice colors and shading with your art and of course would give full credit!