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Bowser's day off!


A bunch of sketches for some Super Mario headcanons! This context is based on an ask I got regarding whether or not Bowser could swim. Answer.... yes! He’s actually extremely good at it, able to swim very fast and hold his breath for hours at a time no problem. He makes for an excellent boat, in fact!

As seen in the images above:

1. Bowser rocking his son (and accidentally himself) to sleep for a nap in the royal pool. I like to think the castle has a huge, probably nature-themed swimming pool the Koopa family frequent, but it's also a great way for Bowser to get Jr sleeping when the kid's fussy or can't seem to catch those elusive Zs. It's a lot like how car rides can lull folks to sleep, just using her giant pops as a gently rocking raft. uwu

2 and 3. On their off days, the gang likes to hit the beach and just have a fun time, often with Bowser volunteering to either be the livi
ng boat or pull folks around for water skiing. For the 2nd image Bowser pulls the gals along as fast as he can! Peach doesn't know how to waterski but her girlfriend Pauline does! :) In the 3rd image the king is chillin' and sunbathes with the Bros. owo

These were a lot of fun to do! If ya'll have any questions or scenarios you'd like to see the SMB gang in lemme know! ^.^


Buuuuut ye! I had a bunch of fun working on these! If ya’ll have any questions or maybe even suggestions of stuff ya’d like to see for Super Mario feel free to share! Otherwise thank you so much for taking a peek! owo

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i like. that's really it i just like.

Shimazun's avatar

This is seriously perfect :3 <3

Derekzilla's avatar

Bowser is an otter confirmed. (Otters lay on their backs in the water.)

SamuraiPau's avatar
Really? You gonna make me have a crush on Bowser now?😆
bobshmit13's avatar

I really love headcannons that have rivals or enemies just chilling in between fights. It's super sweet, and relaxing!

LordTRexYt's avatar

they can have a fight but also they live with each other for so long yeah kidnapping and rescue is the thing... if you were a villian and a hero why should you a invite and accept someone invite for a racing? or party?

bobshmit13's avatar

Maybe the fighting and kidnapping are just a show for us the audience, and in their off time, they can act as friends?

LordTRexYt's avatar

what about mario party and all then nope

bobshmit13's avatar

Mario Party is their off time of course! Same with all the fun sporty game stuff! Anything that doesn't look like a fun game between friends is another episode or just entry in their "I'm an evil monster and I kidnap a princess with a friend with a short Italian plumber!" Except I picture that Luigi's mansion was either a spin off series, or Luigi actually inherited a haunted mansion that he had to clean of spirits.

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It'd be neat to see Bowser's political career before he took to conquest.

For example, the original Super Mario manuals said that Goombas were second-class citizens in the Mushroom Kingdom, and welcomed the new regime. Actually, I got that data secondhand, but it's a neat idea.

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The first picture makes me wanna rub Bowser's belly.

Jajna's avatar

AAH!! makes me wanna draw summer stuff!!! xD

Such fun lovely pictures!!

Volespirit's avatar
Luigi Mario and Bowser bromance.
Earthsong9405's avatar

You're only 2/3rds right there

Volespirit's avatar
True but still awesome
eta-gamma-14's avatar

Peach and Pauline don't seem bothered by Bowser at all.

Earthsong9405's avatar

Nope! This is an AU where the "kidnappings" aren't kidnappings at all, and the cast is a bunch of friends.

That cheep cheep is me when I do weed
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This makes me think of actors who play characters that are enemies but are actually super close in real life!

Earthsong9405's avatar

You wouldn't be all that far from the idea of the AU! :3

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All of them are amazing, but the first one with Bowser rocking his son and both sleeping!! It's soo adorable! ; v ;
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the first time I've seen you draw Mario and Luigi as adults. Any plans for headcanon profiles for the bros?

Cosmic-Horrors's avatar

A small question regarding your Bowser: Is there any concept/idea for how Fury/Berserk Bowser would function in your headcannons?

The art is beautiful as usual, can't wait to see what you post next <3

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