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Before Sundown

The second completed collab print between myself and :icondarkflame75:. I did the lineart and he did the beautiful colors. I REALLY love how this one came out, so thank you so much for coloring it, Dark! 8D

Guys, make sure you check out DarkFlame75 's beautiful gallery. And please, be sure to go give him his well-deserved props on his upload of this collab as well! C: Collab: Before Sundown by DarkFlame75

And if you're going to Bronycon, he's also my tablemate, so be sure to stop by to come and see us!

We decided to have something for Big Mac since the big lug's VA, Peter New, is gonna be there. So we did! Big Mcintosh on his way back to the house after a long day out in the fields, but he stops to enjoy the lovely twilit sky.

Also, there's a cute little easter egg in this image. You get a virtual cookie if you can find it. ;D

But I suppose that's it. As always, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And don't forget; give Dark his props for the work he did on this. Other than that, thanks a bunch for stopping by!
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Another hawt piece of horse, although he may not actually realize it. xD
FursonaKittenMittens's avatar
Yeahhhh he's so innocent XDT it's cute on him :3
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is the easter egg that shadow in the bg? it might be a timberwolf
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oooooooooooooooooooooh. Yeah it just looked like a blob so i couldn't tell :P
guess that means no cookie for me?
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You managed to spot it when many couldn't, so it's still cookie-worthy. c:
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This is just beautiful I love the way yu drew and colored everything it's a masterpiece the sunset sky effect the purple colors the fog th trees AND BIG MAC omg this is fabulous again yu have inspired me I wish one day I can be as good as yu
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Thanks, although I didn't color this. My collab partner for the con, DarkFlame75, he's the one who gave this it's fantastic colors. Be sure to check his DA out as well! :3
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Ok thanks I just visited his da and commented
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Ah TheLightingAndTheFurAndTheEyes

i can't Just

trying to explain something but its just

 i love it -flies into the sunset-
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xD Thank you! c:
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Very well done your details are beautiful but may I ask why is there a scratch on his face?
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It's because farming is not a safe occupation in this world, especially when the farm is as successful as Sweet Apple Acres. The roads are littered with possible bandits, wild animals, and weather hazards. Even the farm, being as close as it is to Everfree, has the occasional predator wandering out in search of an easy meal. Big Mac has scars, because he faced all of these and still remains strong and alive.
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That's amazing I love that you added that to big Mac it bring out what power that pony can hold it is an incredible piece of art work you have made.
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I just got an idea, if you havent done her already, you should totally do Maud Pie! :P I bet it look amazing! 
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And awesome drawing
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This one of the best Big Mac art, what i ever see.
Brohoof /)
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The strong quiet one. The kind big one. The caring farmer.

Wonderful work
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