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Applejack- Age Thingy

Another age thingy! This time, it'd be fooooooorrr...... APPLEJACK! And a little bit for Big Macintosh as well. c:

So I have some headcanon for this badboy too, so let's go ahead and cut the chitchat. Straight to headcanon valley! C:<

Newborn Foal:

Unlike Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle, I don't think the age gap between Big Mac and AJ is all that big. While I see Shining being a good... 8-10 years older than Twi, the age gap with these two would be more along 2-4 years. It's there, but it isn't huge.

So, here we have Applejack as an infant, sleeping soundly against a bunch of pillows a 3 year old Mac got for her. She was having a nightmare, so big brother Mac thought it would help if he surrounded her in fluffy pillows and stayed awake to keep watch for the boogeystallion and monsters and such. Even though he's sleepy himself, he still tries to continue his vigil. Their mom and dad will eventually come in though, so he'll fall asleep soon enough.

The idea behind this is that Lil' Mac would often wake up in the middle of the night and stay close with his baby sister, because he promised little Applejack that he'd "keep the monsters away" so she can sleep better. He will continue to do this throughout his life, even as they grow older and the monsters of the imagination slowly become the monsters we eventually encounter in real life.

Age 5-6:

Applejack is quite the tomboy and tries her best to keep up with big brother Mac. He doesn't mind, of course; it's great to have a sister who loves the mud and wrestle as much as he does.

Here they are just chillaxin' after trying to help their father in the fields, and Hard Cider (their dad) decides to let them sport the necessary wear for the work. For AJ, he gives her his hat to wear; it's way too big now, but she looks cute in it so it's okay. xD

For Lil' Mac (the nick name his father calls him by), he made a light-weight hitch-collar modeled after his own because Macintosh always wanted to be like his father, and that includes what he does on the farm. Chief (nickname for Hard Cider) even made it so, if the colt so much as wanted to, could hitch himself up to the tiny cart he made for him to help tow small piles of apples. Lil' Mac feels like a grown-up when wearing it, and proudly totes it around, even to school sometimes. xD

Age 14-15:
Applejack, Macintosh, and an infant Applebloom. This is a little bit after their mother died. I drew AB in the same pose as infant AJ because I kinda wanted to link back to Big Mac's promise to Applejack, that he'll protect her from the monsters. Well, it now extends to both her and AB, and Applejack gives the very same promise to her infant sister as well. AB sleeps so contently because her older siblings are there looking out for her.

I think of the three, Big Mac may be impacted the most of their parents' death. Like his father did in his younger years, Big Mac voluntarily shoulders some of the responsibilities that was suddenly thrusted upon Granny Smith, and he helps as much as he can. He helps bucks apples, gets Applejack ready for school, help tend to little Applebloom, and cooks dinner when Granny Smith is still out working to make ends meet. Applejack helps too, and the siblings work "shifts" or split the chores when helping their Grandmother.

Age 23-26:
The Applejack we know as of today. The way I see it, she's a good bit older than Twi, so when the unicorn arrives to Ponyville for the first time at 21, AJ was 23. Anywho, she's healthy, she's tall, she's big, and she's powerful. All of the work horse one would expect from working on the farm for so long. And she's damn happy with how her life turned out.

The headcanon passed this point is that eventually, Applejack, like the rest of the mane 6, will eventually begin to get more regularly involved with worldly and royal affairs, including acting as ambassadors and officially dubbed "Knights of Equestria". Also, regarding her status as an Element Bearer; because she, like the other mane 6, is the physical embodiment of her element and is connected to it on a magical base, her life will be expanded. No where near as much as Twi's, but she, along with the rest of the Mane 6, will live for a quite a while.

So yeah. Sleep deprivation strikes again and forces me to draw. Aw well... have a nice amount of mah headcanons while we're at it, neh?

As usual, feel free to ask questions and such. And thank you for stopping by to take a look. c:
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This would explain what happened to AJ and Bic Macintosh and Apple Bloom's parents! I wonder how they'll explain it with their actual parents the series...

Still, great background story!!! Into the fav's it goes!!!Love Love Love Love Love Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Are we allowed to make your sketches into bases? If I can, I'll credit you.
Earthsong9405's avatar
I'm afraid not. My artwork is not allowed  to be made into bases.
JudgeDeadd's avatar
This is very well drawn. I like the realism of the body combined with the more cartoonish, idealised faces.
happyland77's avatar
that round scar on her back.... what is that!!
Earthsong9405's avatar
A bite mark from a timberwolf.
endergirlwithfred12's avatar
i love ur style of art!
MamaBird94's avatar
my god..your applejack is soo beautiful <3 
Earthsong9405's avatar
nyanpheonix101's avatar
What happened to AJ's back?
Earthsong9405's avatar
A timberwolf jumped onto her and bit her back to try and force her to the ground. It didn't succeed, but it left a large scar on her.
I like that. I mean not that she was attacked, but how she has scars. Kinda shows how tough she is.
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FoxDragonLover's avatar
gosh, I love that you even put STORIES to these ponies. you're very imaginative and have inspired me to keep pushing ahead with my own MLP art ^^
Earthsong9405's avatar
Thanks so much! I'm just glad ya like my stuff, and that it's inspired ya to draw some more. More art for everyone! 8D
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