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A Day with Dad

The colored version of this:

Roid Rage and his son, Featherweight, simply taking a relaxing day off in Ponyville.

This took a grand total of... 3 hours to do? I kept it relatively simple, and I haven't painted with watercolors little while (at least, not like this), so forgive the mistakes. As much as I like watercolors, I’ve discovered that I’m better at acrylic paint. Aw well… But overall, I like how it came out. c:

I'm all sorts of proud of myself though. One of my first prints! :3 As I previously said, if anyone's interested a print of this sucker's gonna be on sale, and will be $8 for an 8x11 print, and $10 for an 11x17 print. If you're interested, just comment below or toss me a note. c:

As for the headcanon, I wasn't going to repeat it but quite a few peeps have asked about it, so here it is again:

For those of you who aren't familiar with my headcanon here, it is in my mind that Roid Rage and Featherweight are father and son. Long story short, Featherweight was an unplanned pregnancy of Roid Rage and his unnamed girlfriend. After debating abortion, then adoption, the couple ultimately decided to keep the foal, and while Roid Rage's love for his unborn foal grew and the idea of being a father, his girlfriend detested the idea of being a mother. Regardless of being pregnant, she hung out with the wrong crowd, often went out to party, and drunk alchohol and overall didn't take care of herself (despite Roid's pleas for her to do so) which resulted in little Featherweight to be born very sickly and small. Regardless, Roid felt his heart swell with fatherly love whenever his eyes fell on his tiny son.

Roid Rage took the responsibilities of being a parent head on, while his girlfriend basically ditched both her boyfriend and her newborn foal to do whatever the hell she wanted. The only times she ever came back to the apartment was to sleep, and that was far and few inbetween chances. Finally, after months of trying to put up with her unresponsible habits and neglecting their son, Roid Rage demanded that she leave, which she did. That left him with poor little Featherweight to raise on his own.

 This came with a lot of job hopping (sometimes even taking up two or more jobs at once), going without meals to pay bills and buy the nutrients and supplies needed for taking care of his son, and of course other sorts of hardships that came with being a single parent.

But despite it all, Roid found himself at his happiest with the little foal. And of course, he didn't go through it completely alone; his best buddy Thunderlane would help out by watching little Featherweight when he babysat his own baby brother, as well as help him look for jobs.

Finally, things began to turn around for the better. Roid Rage managed to find a steady and decent paying job (thanks to the help of some friends), Featherweight's health improved and continued to do so, and he found a smaller, cozier apartment over the skies of Ponyville where rent wasn't too big of a problem. And from then on, their lives have been improving. c:

I don't really have much else to say, so as usual, ask away if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping by and taking a look! ^.^

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Absolutely adorable! This picture actually helped to inspire a fan fiction I recently wrote, specifically Bulk Biceps—though that's just his name on the body building circuit. His real name is Heavyweight—was Featherweight's dad. Also included him being a single dad doting over his child. Fantastic piece of art!