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ENOUGH, Brother!



My amazing collab partner, :iconboomythemc:, has started a patreon! His work is well worth pledging to, so take a look at his patreon and rewards he's offering here:


It's finished! 8D The completed version of the collaboration between myself and boomythemc. This is a poster print made specifically for Bronycon, and I'm really loving how it came out; Boomy did a fantastic job with the coloring, he did. C:

His work is amazing! So you guys, be sure to give him his well deserved props for his work on this image, and make sure to give him favs and comments as well. His DA can be found here:


As for the scene here, it's of Scorpan who just got back from Equestria and attempted to persuade his brother and Sombra to just drop the entire plan of invading the country. Obviously, Tirek refuses, and the two of them get in a shouting match that will steadily get more violent until they finally duke it out. Scorpan barely manages to escape his brother and Sombra alive. You can find the entire headcanon for this here:…

So the relationship between these two have fascinated me, specifically the G4 one because I can’t remember the G1 version of it aside from snips and bits. I’d like to think that, while Tirek is clearly insane (or whatever you want to call it; there’s simply something not right with this guy), he still actually cared for his brother (him being possibly the only thing he legitimately cared about). He took the “betrayal” very personal and nearly killed him, but it’s partly because of some form of hesitation that Scorpan managed to escape in the first place. During the brutal scuffle his brother’s necklace was ripped off, and Tirek has kept it with him after all of this time.

I’d think that Scorpan aiding the Princess Sisters in his defeat and banishment to Tartarus, as well as several hundred years of simply brewing in his own hatred for his predicament and his was the final push for him to completely come to absolutely loathe his brother. But even then, he hadn’t parted with the necklace, not until the scene with Discord anyway.

OR you know he could be completely evil and unfeeling, but where’s the fun in that? O:

As always, feel free to ask any questions and whatnot. And thanks for takin’ a look! x3

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