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Collab- The Pie Parade


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The completed collaboration between myself and duh-veed! I did the lineart, and they did the fantastic coloring! I highly recommend taking a look at their gallery! :3 Also, be sure to leave a comment on their upload of the image here:
Collab - The Pie Parade by duh-veed

For this piece we decided to do the parody MLP did of the Beatles, only replacing the ponified band members with Pinkie's Sisters! They're probably on vacation, but that doesn't stop them from being stylish as they go! :3

I've drawn the sisters before but this is the first time I drew them full-bodied, so I suppose I shall lay some headcanon on ya. May as well, eh? x3

Maud's as muscular as she is because of the sisters, I'd see her as the largest and strongest. She isn't as tall as AJ, but she's taller than average, and her stature paired with her lack of outer expression certainly makes for an intimidating character at first glance. She is the second oldest of the four.

Marble is often compared to Fluttershy because of her shyness so I sought out to try and make her a bit different in terms of body build. Marble is thin like Shy, but she's much thinner. She's perfectly healthy, but a quick glance at her may give someone the thought that she's malnourished (she's not, don't worry). Unlike Shy, she's pretty short; taller than Pinkie, but still shorter than normal. Her shyness is different from Shy's in that, where Fluttershy will still speak despite her timid disposition, Marble barely speaks at all. I like to think that she's selectively mute, and the most one can usually get out of her is a humming sound as a response. The way she's walking in the image about is how I see her walking most of the time; of the sisters she's definitely the most submissive and drawn-in. She is the youngest of the sisters.

Limestone is similar to Maud in that she's muscular, although she's more of a lean and agile sort of muscular in comparison to Maud's stockiness. Definitely the most serious of the sisters, and the most like their father in terms of disposition and overall attitude. She took up rock farming far more than her sisters did (hence why she's the primary caretaker of the family farm now) although I'd like to think she has either some military training or police training under her belt... I'm leaning more toward police though. C: No-nonsense, strict, aggressive, and almost scarily authoritative, but she loves her family, and will not hesitate to bash in someone's face if you say anything wrong about them. She's especially protective all of her younger sisters (she's the oldest sister), especially Marble.

Aaaaaaaand yup. This pretty thing will be for sale at Bronycon, so if you're going, perhaps come and pick one up? And thanks again for collaborating with me, duh-veed! I really appreciate it! ^.^
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