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Bowsette but she isn't Bowser




So I already posted this in my status but was prompted to post it up in my gallery, so here it is!

Bowsette but instead of her being Bowser transformed, she's Bowser baby sister. She's as tough as he is but maybe more cocky, and the two of them sass each other to annoyance. But they get along fine otherwise. It's a small idea I had that wouldn't leave me yesterday so I decided to doodle it up. It was a lot of fun, might do some more stuff of it at some point! <:

Some headcanon for her:

-She's 5 years younger than her big brother Bowser

-As royalty she’s a princess, but she isn’t the heir to the throne due to Bowser Jr. She doesn’t mind, in fact she prefers this: it means she free from the responsibility of ruling a kingdom.

-Without the weight of the kingdom constantly looming overhead, she takes full advantage of her freedom and goes on extended adventures of her own. This has ultimately led her to being entirely oblivious to Bowser’s multiple clashes with Mario and Co.

-When she finally DOES hear about it she’s pretty late to the party: by that time Bowser and the Mario crew has long since become friends and the “kidnappings” are more or less a tradition they uphold for old time’s sake. Bowsette would probably assume he just keeps failing against a tiny little mustache man, so she abducts Princess Peach herself in a scheme to give the princess (and her kingdom) to Bowser as a surprise birthday present. Bowser doesn’t know she did it, and it results in him teaming up with the Mario Bros to save Peach… you can imagine the big reveal to be a bit awkward and confusing.

-The confusion has since been cleared and while she teases everyone about it (especially big bro) they get along well enough

-“No wonder my brother likes you so much: you’re as sweet as a peach. Betcha taste like one too. ;) ” Was the first thing she said to Princess Peach.

-She’s absolutely taken with her nephews and niece and spoils all of them rotten. She’s the closest to Wendy though, given they’re the only females in the family.

-She has a stupid big crush on Princess Daisy. For all her confidence she’s a stuttering mess around the princess.

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Man, I love the way you drew this, the design is great! its really cool seeing artists own version of a character :)