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Rayman Reanimated Scene 104

Been keeping quiet about this one. My first attempt at real animation in literal years for the Rayman ReAnimated collab. Had quite a bit of trouble with this one, mainly with animating Cookie, but I persevered and actually feel pretty good about it. I feel like I could have added something funnier here, but I won't worry about it.

Look forward to the finished collab later this year!
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nice but one thing, how did you put videos on deviantart?

EarthGwee's avatar

Just has be a format deviantArt can take.

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mp4 if I remember correctly.

Aidenthedemoncat's avatar

One thing, when I upload a video on deviantart and put a song or a sound, will something happen?

Animeria's avatar

Wow, this looks amazing, you did a incredible in reanimating a scene from the Rayman cartoon ^w^

reminds me of courage the cowardly dog as a helicopter in one episode :)

AshleyWolf259's avatar

My Roflcopter it goes Soy-soy-soy!

Remember that? With Microsoft Sam? (Yeah I'm losing it... -w-)

Spranchel's avatar

One of the best scenes in the collab

SailorRaybloomDZ's avatar

This is one of my favourite reanimated scenes :D

Crayngeltrash's avatar

I was wondering if your aristic beauty would appear in that!

AmytheRaytendoFan's avatar

This is just brilliant!

SonicRaymanLover's avatar

Heh, that’s funny, cause rayman’s hair ones act like a helicopter in his games XD

FaronBermudaOFFICIAL's avatar
AnimeGeekDraws's avatar

the helicopter boi

TheDragonLair77's avatar

Everything about this is just-

absolutely gorgeous, dude! Amazing job! :3

KB-Arts's avatar

I love this!! It's amazing. :D

gemstonelover49's avatar

This is awesome!! :D

JetProject's avatar

Wow, I love the fact that when Cookie speaks his face looks like it's from Rayman origins!

WildGirl91's avatar

Really well done! It works perfectly!!

GabrielaWysocka's avatar

Run ! Go ! Get to the Chopperay ! ( Predator 1987 )

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