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I decided to go back to my other Mario fan character, Booliana, and finalize her colors. Orange for her bow wasn't doing it for me.
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My god, I can tell from this photo alone that she is adorable and precious and that I want to hug her

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What a adorable ghost, she is ~

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She is the most adorable ghost alive. Oh wait she's not alive she's a
I love her so much and I personally like her with an orange bow and a pink bow. such a sweetheart I want to see more of her in your Luigi's Ghosty doodles. I Love those so much.
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She looks adorable and you let your guard down! THE PERFECT GHOST TRAP! =P
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cute idea you made
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Aww she's so cute!

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Can I pet or will my hand just go right through?
*Confused scream*Markiplier scream 
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Aw, I didn't know you drew her. She looks super cute~
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Too cute! I must hug the tiny Boo! 🤪
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Omg so cuteee ❤
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Super Adorable!!
Even tho enemies will destroy you, this one looks totally harmless :happybounce: 
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Dkgctcgtdgyf She's so god damn cute!!! 
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