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SacAnime and Heading Home

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 17, 2019, 2:07 PM

Hey, guys! This journal is a bit of a beefer. Quite a bit has happened and is happening this month.

I completely forgot I wanted to talk about my experience at SacAnime from the beginning of the month, so I'll just talk about it here and now. Long story short, it was fantastic! I attended with two of my online friends, LuckyJack020, whom I had met once before a couple of years ago, and his girlfriend PrincessLida, who I met in person for the first time. Both of you guys were great to hang out with! 

The first thing LuckyJack and I went to was a small Day 0 panel with Kenny James, which was quite interesting. Something I never knew about was he was once a submarine operator during the Cold War. Naturally, the audience latched onto the idea of Bowser in that same role, asking how he would fair in such a situation. To paraphrase Kenny, Bowser would would probably not get along with anyone on the sub. I also asked him how he takes care of his voice after all his sessions as Bowser. The long and short answer: he does not. Apparently, even after he tastes copper in the back of his throat from doing it enough (no joke), his voice bounces back pretty well. Though he did worry that it won't be as easy once age really hits. But he still advised any aspiring actors to care for their voices.

On Friday, we went to a lecture given by Eric Stuart on voice acting and the voice acting industry as a whole. After that, we went to meet Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, during one of his signings. I can tell you, he was such a delight. And hearing him do the voice in front of us and at the later panel he was at was magical. I felt like a kid again. And while he did go to the later panel, with Jason Marsden and Bret Iwan the current voice of Mickey, we could only watch half of it as we had planned to get autographs from the Nintendo crew and wanted to be as early as possible. Unfortunately, if memory serves, we weren't early enough as all the tickets to get in line were sold out. But we were all able to see a panel for the old Pokemon cast, in which they told their stories from working on the show. Although, due to the seating position, it was hard to get a lot out of it, but it was nice to see all of them up at one panel.

On Saturday, we all got to meet Charles Martinet, Samantha Kelly, and Kenny James during their signings, as they were all taking place at the same time. And all three of them were such lovely people! I was able to give my Peach drawing to Sam first. And I think I really surprised her because I told her she didn't have to sign it and that it was a gift. She loved it so much she stood up and gave me a hug! Needless to say, that made me happy. Then I gave my Bowser drawing to Kenny James, who promised to have it hung up on his studio wall. Last was Charles's gift, and he complimented me on my talent, thanking me. He probably gets a lot of gift art, but it still warmed my heart to hear how much he liked it.

All three of them signed my cover of Super Mario Odyssey. On Sunday, Charles signed my Smash cover, which I had him personalize for myself and my younger sister since she had also wanted it signed.

Here are both covers:  Odyssey Cover by EarthGwee  Smash Cover by EarthGwee 

After the initial signings on Saturday, we all went to the Nintendo panel with all three actors. I posed a hypothetical question as to whether they would take the roles in the upcoming Super Mario animated movie being produced by Illumination. Of course, they all said yes. Unfortunately, I don't remember a whole lot from the panel besides that, but it was awesome seeing them all up there talking about their characters.

I can easily say Saturday was the biggest highlight of the event for me. Well worth the aching feet that comes with standing in line. Sunday, as well, I would say. I remembered the old Instagram videos Charles used to post, of Mario and Luigi traveling the world while he voiced them for fun, and asked how come he had to stop doing those after a while. He expressed how much he loved doing them, but the long and the short of it was Nintendo called and asked what he was doing with their licensed characters. Not much explanation was needed there. But I am happy the ones he did still exist.

The last panel of the event we went to was a Goofy Movie reunion, where Bill Farmer and Jason Marsden talked about working on the movie. It was such a treat listening to them, giving little bits of history on the movie we never knew about. At one point, the producer (I think?) had wanted a celebrity to voice Goofy, but that was thankfully shot down. And Bill Farmer had a real tough time getting Goofy to sound exactly right with all the emotions while still remaining Goofy. Jason Marsden had also recorded his own parts of the songs, did it pretty well, but was denied the chance to do them, sadly. And probably one of the sweetest things both actors said about each other was they thought of one another as second father and son due to their long friendship. I think that was a great way to end the event.

Also on Saturday night, LuckyJack, Lida, and I met up at the hotel for pizza and some Mario Party and Smash Ultimate, which was my first time picking it up, since I had to give the Switch back to my sister a while back, but it was quite a lot of fun. I'm eager to get back home so I can explore the game more.

Sunday night, we ended it off with an escape room, something I had never heard of before. But basically, it's like a timed puzzle game in which you work together in a team to escape a themed room before time ran out. We happened to get thrown into the hardest one they had to offer, but we were able to finish it with 46 seconds to spare. That was quite the thrilling experience. I still need to see if anything like that exists back home. LuckyJack's parents were also gracious enough to let me stay the night due to a schedule conflict with the train ride back.

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip, especially with my friends there. I would absolutely go again next year if I can.

Something else that is happening as of last night: I've been selected for an interview at a Home Depot that's down the street from my home in Arizona. The interview is this coming Wednesday, so I'm gonna be hopping a plane to get home, which will make transporting all of my things pretty difficult. But I'll do my best to figure it out.

Now, I still don't have my driver's license yet, but after some consideration and convincing, I realize I would have to test to get it in Arizona anyway sooner or later. But luckily, I have a lot saved up from my previous job so I should be able to afford lessons, which would be cheaper in Arizona than California.

Anyway, I'm really hoping I land this job so I can start saving up for my own place to live and work. It was always in my plan to go back home towards the end of January regardless of whether or not I had my license, so this sort of works out. Here's hoping things get better from here.

-Earth Gwee

DA Eclipse - Thanks, I hate it

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 7:33 PM

Hey, guys. 

So, I tried DA Eclipse, and I already hate it. Be warned, this will all come out as one big ramble as I get my thoughts out, but I'll try to keep them as organized as possible. And yes, I did submit my thoughts via their beta survey, so I'm not just screaming to the wind.

There is so much wrong with the design I don't know where to begin. I guess the main problem I can see is that everything is way too big and smooshed together. Everything takes up the entire screen, to the point where I don't know where to look. Honestly, it stresses me out every time I look at anything because everything is crying for my attention. On a mobile app, I could understand because you're working on a much smaller screen, but on a desktop or laptop it's unbearable. It seems to take twice as long to scroll down anywhere to look at everything on my page and message center. Another person I follow, who specializes in design interfaces, wrote that absolute black and absolute white are not ideal at all, and I completely agree. The stark white is dreadful to look at. While the black isn't quite as bad, it does stress out my eyes after a while. This could have been easily fixed early on, maybe in alpha, but it being in beta, I'm very disappointed in that choice. 

My second biggest problem is with the message center. As with everything else, all the notification boxes are so massive that it takes twice as long to scroll through them all. I liked being able to look at my messages at a glance and do with them as I pleased with ease. Now it takes twice as many clicks to remove old notifications. You can't mass select a category and remove them all anymore. You can only remove one at a time by clicking the ellipses in the corner and then clicking remove or save, which I don't really see the point of. I get that moving necessary coding over is a huge undertaking that I have next to no experience with, but I'm pretty sure they didn't have to design it to be this clunky and time consuming. The grouping option in the upper corner is so lacking that it's probably not even worth going into detail about, but I will say that I liked the clear grouping of different activity notification types in the old version. Eclipse just clumps them all together. My brain doesn't want to go through the effort of picking out different types if they're not clearly laid out. 

Also, and this might be a "me" thing, but whenever I'm on a different page and want to get back to my home page, it still takes twice as many clicks to get there. We have one drop-down menu for submitting something. Why can't that be applied to all the tabs? I'm really hoping that can be dealt with in the future because I really miss that convenience. It looks like you can't click and drag anything anymore, even when trying to organize deviations in a gallery folder. Thanks, DA. Although it looks like you might be able to change the cover of a gallery folder, but so far it doesn't seem like it.

Probably equal to my other two gripes is my profile page. Much of the same problems I mentioned persist there as well. I don't want the first thing people are greeted with to be a massive banner. The journals--you know, where some of my most important updates I write about--are no longer there to accompany my gallery, just massive boxes for my status updates below my huge ass, sparse About box. Like, why can't that also be tucked away somewhere in a corner and not where my journals ought to be? 

Oh, and we can't forget the mount of customization currently available to us, which is zero. I know they're working on that, as they stated in a recent change log, but it's still a problem for me and a lot of people. I'm hoping above all else that they'll implement a much more customizable experience somewhere down the line. I liked having smaller thumbnails that, if the artwork is eye-catching enough, will draw the user to click on it and be pleasantly surprised by what they see. Now that's gone in favor of massive tile-styled thumbnails that fight for your attention. 

Actually let's talk about deviation browsing for a minute. I've already gone on at length about their sizes, so I'll talk a bit about the browsing interface as best I can. This is where I get a bit nitpicky. The little hearts--I guess the Love counter?--doesn't feel needed at all. We already have favorites. Aren't those enough? The expand and theater features are also not necessary when you can already zoom into a deviation if it's big enough. It's also not entirely clear that you can add a deviation to your favorites if you hover over the star icon. At first I thought it only showed who favorited it. Which I guess is nice? But I wasn't sure if I could still add a deviation I liked to one of my custom grouped favorites. You have to click on it in order to see your custom groups and then click which group you want to put it in. Much less convenient than clicking and dragging the deviation up to a drop-down view above the page. I don't understand this change at all. The only thing I actually kind of like here is that you can like or "heart" comments. 

Something else I just noticed is that, if you're a Core member, you can change the background behind your deviation, to make it look like it's hanging on a wall. Ummm, not that I have a huge problem with it, but what's the point? What's more is that it doesn't apply to all deviations. You'd have to go through each individual one if you want a custom wall background. I guess some people would like this kind of customization, but I still don't get it, personally. If they can let us customize our profiles more easily, that'd be great, but so far this is all we get from what I can see.

In conclusion, DA is going for a very minimalistic approach to the site, but so far it is failing miserably. Nothing is streamlined and convenient anymore and the overall visual design is clunky, unappealing, and eye-straining. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, they'll work out as many of the shortcomings as much as possible before the change is implemented for everyone and we won't have the option to go back like we can in beta. 

-Earth Gwee


Well, I had a new drawing planned before the end of March, but I wasn't able to get it done in time. Oh, well. I'll say it was done in March. Fuck it. 

Also, no April Fool's thing planned this year. 
UPDATE: Well, I just learned something. Apparently, it's a lacewing larva. Mystery solved~

So, this little creep just bit me on the neck. Sorry if anyone is squeamish, but I'm curious to see if anyone knows what it is. 
20190320 174025 by EarthGwee
I've been hired today at the local Home Depot, as an order fulfillment associate. Waiting for details on orientation, but I'm happy to start earning regular income again soon. :D
Before I totally forget, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. And even if you didn't, I hope you made the most of it. Happy Holidays!



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