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Gallery Folders

Planets by Lior-Art
WesternWall_Shining by Lior-Art
You are still here...we can hear You... by Lior-Art
Heroic Warrior by fmr0
Abstract Surreal Photography
In the infinite unrolling of its billows by StephanePellennec
sob o ceu azul by Erdbeerstern
Open your minds by FilipR8
No need for words by dashakern
Black and White
Stormy Buachaille by newcastlemale
powder by MK-NI
Crows Field by Spiritofdarkness
Lichtstimmung by CaveCanem42
Hallstatt by CaveCanem42
City of night by dashakern
Rain Tears N' Money by Spiritofdarkness
Tango by dashakern
View through Window v2 by Spiritofdarkness
Last Meal by Spiritofdarkness
Digital Arts
MAJOLICA by GeaAusten
Almost-passing-for-human by taisteng
Butterflies are the Dark Lord's Delight by taisteng
Maori Chic by taisteng
The Split by Spiritofdarkness
Light in the Darkness by Delta406
Castle - Winter Is Coming (Stark's Motto) by skarzynscy
Peru | Machu Picchu by slecocqphotography
Dragon's Snout by TerribleTer
Rumer Spitze by Sigfodr
Rock Of Lovers (Spanish: Pena de los Enamorados) by skarzynscy
Mountains view. by miirex
Faces and Humanity

Mature Content

Dragonfly by MariannaInsomnia
Beach vibes by dashakern
Fiesta de la Candelaria by luethy
dark Portrait by sulevlange
Tri-Colored Heron II. by Sparkle-Photography
Parents and Chick. by Sparkle-Photography
Meet Charlie! by Sparkle-Photography
Burning Evening by OlivierAccart
Buttonwoods Sunflowers by prettyflour
Macro or Close-up
Spring softness by dashakern
Rainy Days by Spiritofdarkness
Cold Fire by jonathanjessup
Still Life
Key to happiness by cindywebbphotography
Traditional Arts
Dreamer by darcydoll
greenery by MK-NI


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Group Rules

Welcome to all our new members,

Hello dear members of ! :iconearthgaia:

We want you to know that we do not accept every picture here. Think about your submissions and only submit your best ones as we do not accept bad quality shots (lack of focus, snapshots, over edited and over saturated)
Submission limit of 1 deviation a day.

Please make sure to read about what picture belongs to what folder! Pictures not being submitted to the right folder will be declined!

Here is a list of the folders and what goes into each one:

BLACK & WHITE Photography


EARTH - For all Landscape shots that do not have water or sky as the main element.

FIRE - Any piece with Fire as the main focus.

WATER - Any piece with a body of Water as the main focus.

FAUNA - All shots portraying living creatures including pets as the main focus, shots of dead bugs will not be accepted.

FLORA - All shots portraying Plants life, botany, including trees and flowers as the main focus.

SKY - Any piece with the Sky as the main focus of the shot.

DIVINITY - All shots with a religious or divine subject as the main focus.

FACES & HUMANITY - Any piece portraying one or more human beings as the main focus as well as quality portrait shots.

CIVILIZATION - Any shot portraying architecture or man-made objects as the main focus.

ABSTRACT-SURREAL ARTS - Photographs that seek to obscure the actual subject.

DIGITAL ARTS - For Manipulated Fractals with other digital elements, Digital Photo Manipulations and other Digitally produced pieces.

TRADITIONAL ARTS - For all art work produced by Traditional means such as paintings and drawings, also including Artisan Crafts.


CONCEPTUAL- For all art where the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art .

MISCELLANEOUS - Anything that does not belong to any other folders.


We will not accept the following:

. Any literature
. Nudity, partial nudity or sexism.
. Images insulting to any religion.
. Images of violence.
. Images of Racism, Ageism, Homophobia, Etc..
. Images of animal cruelty !

The gallery submission limit is 1 image per day.

If you are unsure about where to submit to: Look at our gallery.

Submitting to the right folder does not mean that your picture is automatically approved!
We have got a high level and want to exhibit only the best ones.
But please do not feel offended if a picture of yours is declined.
We will provide feedback upon request.

Submissions which will be declined

:bulletred: Wrong folder
:bulletred: Heavily Edited and or Manipulated
:bulletred: Extensive or DA Watermarks - Discreet signatures are Acceptable :)
:bulletred: Poor quality images.

:heart: Have fun creating :heart:


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