I'm coming to Earth-27 (again)! For those of you who don't know, I'm the person that Roy based this character on so long ago:
Sergeant Emily Parker by phil-cho
Roy has agreed to make me a character (again)! Sgt. Parker is going to be made into an ARGUS Agent, an Artifact, and given a whole new backstory worked out by Alexander514 and myself. I'm so excited. I've been such a big E27 fan for a while and I've been meaning to become more involved in the community so expect more random status updates like this in the future! 
Yay! :dance: :)
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Thrilled for the new storyline between our two artifacts ;)
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Hey if I wanna make a have a character/Artifact made for Earth-27 how much should be donated to have my character made?
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Talk to Roy. I believe it is $125 per portrait, plus extra for Arkham Files if a villain.