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44-011 WDoS GCE 8 [SWL] Sal

By EarlyOnion
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Fan art of my character in 'Secret World Legends' game! It's Sal! Yes, it is this same Sal as [this].
This is for :iconwe-dream-of-stars:'s group challenge event/GCE #8! This GCE has 3 prompts: past, present, future -- I will put this under Prompt 2: Present.

Sal is in the streets of London where the Templar HQ is. She wears a magical Cyber Kitty headset which enables her to communicate with her housemates in Midgard! It helps her from missing them, and them, her. Sal will always wear them and it can be quite funny with them around. It's good company.

Sal used to be a gunslinging Rebel in the realm of Midgard where swords and magic ruled the earth. Upon crossing a portal to another world, she is currently a Templar gunslinger, caught between factions of a secret world! I'm not about to lay down the whole story here, lol (even though I really want to, but it'd get too long). x'D

So, yeah. This is Sal at present. ^^ New guns, new uniform, new hair dyes, new headphones, new world!

Oh, background is edited in Krita, using a screenshot I took.

Secret World Legends © Funcom Oslo
If sharing/reposting, please credit me and link back to my dA page/post. Please do not use, edit, copy, trace, plagiarise, steal, and/or commercialise my work in any way without my permission. Thank you.
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Fashionable! Love her stance and how you did the weapons!

Thank you for joining the group challenge event!

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Thanks! And no prob, just wanna join in the fun~ :D

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You're welcome! Glad you do!