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43-051 [RO] Between Farming and Hunting

By EarlyOnion
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Ragnarök Online/RO fan art of my character, T. Salad. She's the breadwinner of the Onion household. She is of the Rebel job class, the only job that uses guns. Rebels were once mercenaries until something went horribly wrong and most of them are now scattered all over the world.

Sal's costume headgear, the Chocolate Bar/Sweet Chocolate is a signature look, along with any kind of bunny-themed things. That ponytail there... that's a wig. xD She later realises that it resembles Commander Elena Bolkova. Purely coincidental.

Now, her armoury...

Sal carries with her the Calf Deathadder revolver for casual hunts and sometimes even for 'farming' purposes, for times you just wanna change things up a little rather than her usual gatling gun (Calf Diamondback, not shown here). The one one on her shoulder is the Dustfire shotgun (it replaces her faithful Gatekeeper-DD) which she uses for a 'certain event'. Her fourth gun in the bag is a grenade launcher (not shown here), the Golden Lord Launcher, given by a fellow Rebel.

Done with black felt-tip pen, colour pencils, and glitter pens (silver, gold, red). I wish I could give the drawing a background of some sort, but I have no idea of what to draw. T_T So I just slapped colours super-vaguely.

Ragnarök Online concepts and designs © Lee Myoung-Jin
If sharing/reposting, please credit me and link back to my dA page/post. Please do not use, edit, copy, trace, plagiarise, steal, and/or commercialise my work and/or characters in any way without my permission. Thank you.
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This looks gorgeous! Loving it!

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Thank you so much! Day56 - Happy Cry

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