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I can tell you 100 ways that you can create a bot or a script or a proxy rotator that will get you the ‘views’ you want, but each and every one of those will get your video removed and channel eventually banned.You see view hacking is something that Google takes very seriously and they are not afraid to go after people for it. The ‘real’ black hat comes from social engineering. You need to incorporate a system that includes engagements along with your views, also you need to spread out the viewership to a normal range.When you have a bot or a script that is view hacking, it will be quite expensive to proxy rotate that out to a different country for every set views, and even if you did that its a clear pattern of switching. You need to simulate the real world, which is chaos. You will have one person that watches your video 9 times in a row, that just happens. You will also have 339 people that watch it for exactly 12 seconds and 12,439 people that watch for 50% and then watch another one of your videos. Maybe 30,239 people watch 32% of the video and then leave to another channel.A bot/script can not replicate this, even the smartest learning algo can’t mimic human behavior, because even humans can’t predict human behavior.So the only real, lasting Buy Youtube Views black hat marketing is giving the engagement an incentive. You either pay people to watch the video in money or in view credits, something like that. They watch a video and comment or like or whatever, and then their video is put in queue for being watched and engaged on. You can do that or build a click farm where you pay people a % of what you charge for views.

Purchase Youtube Views

The most important issue that determines how much YouTube pays you primarily based on your video’s views is the cost per impression, or CPI. CPI is the speed YouTube pays for each thousand views (CPI may also be referred to as , or Cost Per Mille) of the adverts that the site attaches to your videos. Note that that is after YouTube has already taken its share of the quantity paid by advertisers to have their adverts posted in your video. Buy Cheap Youtube Views Whereas Youtube doesn’t publish its rates, on-line advertising agency Penna Powers estimates their present to vary from as little as 50 cents to as excessive as $10. If we assume that each one 1 million viewers of the particular video also watch the advertisements coming earlier than it, and we conservatively assume that your is on the common vary of $2 (as estimated by web marketer Hank Green), then you might anticipate to earn on average: This is a common question asked and it really depends on who you ask. You may have heard that you’ll make one dollar per thousand views or that it’s $1,000 per Million Views. Some say it’s $5 per thousand views. Well, we’re asking the wrong question.

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Submitted on
November 1, 2017