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Sioru Adrimga

By Earl-Graey
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A rough and tumble lady, collector of oddments, and explorer of curious places.

Character done for OuroCat, was lots of fun!
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This looks so cool!  Reminds me of someone... ;)  Did I start a trend?  Haha, awesome work.  Glad I'm not the only one who loves our scaley friends.
Earl-Graey's avatar
Hah you might just have! not that I'm complaining mind you ;)
iThirst's avatar
That is just... absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you.
iHawkFFXIV's avatar
This makes me wish I had the ability to save up for a commissioned piece similar but with a gold color scheme for the scales 
Earl-Graey's avatar
Well if you ever decide to I would be happy to hear from you! :)
UnoSombrero's avatar
Favorite lizard lady. Neat clothes, neat bangles, excellent anatomy \o/
plangkye's avatar

this is how I wish female argonians looked in every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind which at least made the attempt
PSY850's avatar
I actually must know, what race is this from what setting using what game system? I likes me some draconic humanoids and this seems like a good one, plus you draw them very well and I may have to try and find some way to get a commision done by you =)
Earl-Graey's avatar
I believe this one (and most of the draconic humanoids in the gallery actually) is for a D&D home game, a lot of people seem to like to homebrew their own flavors of dragonborn and I am more than happy to oblige :)
GreySublimeArchon's avatar
I really like your dragon humanoids! And this one looks like my Warlock in D&D 5th Edition! :D
Really, really nice work!
Earl-Graey's avatar
Thankee! they are good fun to do, DnD can always use more lizards ;)
Wow! The details, like the spirit in the lantern, really make you wonder about her adventures. I want to know more about her collection. :D Really well done!
Earl-Graey's avatar
Thankee! The little details are always the fun bit :)
FlygohrEmeraldine's avatar
Great piece, as always. Really a fan of your character designs :)
Earl-Graey's avatar
Thanks! You're too kind :bow:
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eyebelong's avatar
Fav, because Humans are overrated and we need moar lizard peoples
Earl-Graey's avatar
haha indeed! Thanks!
BiPiCado's avatar
neat! love it! *_*
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