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Harbinger of the Ancients

Cranky things eh?
Just wanted to paint something for fun and did this for/was inspired by my gaming group and half of the erstwhile party. I might do another of these with the other half at some point, this was good fun to do. (And yes, one of the PCs is an owlbear, and no they didn't begin that way. Its a long story...)

Done in PS CS6
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oh i'd love to hear how this all started. and hey you got one of my Fave weapons in the picture a Lucerne. Oh yeah!

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An alliance of human and demi-human warriors fighting against Lovecraftian Monstrosities?

Most excellent. The dndnext subreddit has been complaining about the lack of artwork for Starspawn, this monster would work well for a Starspawn Hulk or perhaps Mangler.
Is one of those PC's... some kind of mechanical dragonborn?
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Interesting design on the big creature.
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I am a bit late to this, but this is impressive. The Owlbear character is quite impressive, as is it all.
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OK, how did he end up as an Owlbear? I'd love to know.
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Bit of dyslexia and a nat 1 on the Reincarnate table P:
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Owlbears are the best.
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Wow, very cool pic that for once doesn't see all the protagonists as standard fantasy races. Kudos!
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Thankee! It is always fun to try and subvert a few tropes haha. Glad you like :)
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Welp, never seen an owl-bear before, pretty awesome lol
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I'm not exactly sure what's goin' on here.. But I like what I see!

You're one skilled doggy! :)
Amazing!  Have you ever considered submitting a piece for one of our apps? I would love to include it in the next release.  Plus, it's a great way to get some more exposure.  Message me if you are interested.  

For an example, check out
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Awesome as all get out!
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haha, cool work as usual (the face of the monster reminds me of the Rancor from star wars. Very cool). 
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No silly jedi to stop this bad boy though haha.
Thanks man!
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