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sasuke and hiei crossover

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my first attempt in manga anime.

everybody knows hiei aka vincent from yu yu hakusho,who has the power to control the black dragon spirit.

and sasuke from naruto.

done in photoshop CS2,graphire4
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ReebajeeHobbyist General Artist
Great foreshortening!
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ReebajeeHobbyist General Artist
I've never heard of him as vincent. ?????
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SnipOWitsStudent General Artist
Fun Fact!

Sasuke from Naruto, IS based off of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, It's nice to know that the All Mighty King Of Trees ( Hiei ) Has a Lil' buddy ^-^

Very Nice Artwork btw
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Oh Sasuke, while i don't like you, i will admit that the you from Shippuden and beyond could beat Hiei, maybe even without trying. But in the end, Hiei will always be my fave.

Also, i was told that Sasuke was based on Hie when he was made, but was tweaked on a few areas. You guys think that it's true?
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I think Hiei would have a chance against Shippuden Sasuke.  Not siding with either or, just saying.
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Funny enough, someone did a comparison between the two. They used sources from both that anime and the mangas, and their is something interesting about it.

Sasuke has alot more techniques to use against Hiei, however he is outmatched in mainly 4 things: Strength, Speed, Durability and Energy. 

In strength, Hiei is said to have a power of 7 teratons, which is country buster level. In fact, A class demon in Yu Yu Hakusho are said to be able to destroy a country onced enraged, and since in the end of the series Hiei is said to be S class, that pretty much means that he is stronger than 7 teratons.

In Speed, both Hiei and Yusuke once fought with enough speed to make lazers, as well for their movements to be unseen. Since lazers are faster than the speed of light, that means Hiei can just as, and if not, faster that light. Sasuke however never showed to be faster than light in a physical sense, as he is shown to only be as fast or faster than lightning.

In Durability. Hiei has 3 big feats of it. 1st was the fight with Makuro, who hit him with the force of a nuke. Then there was Yusuke, who hit him with enough power to destroy a country. Finally there was the time he trained for 6 months before the last tournament, where he fought 500 A-Class demons, all which were strong enough to destroy a country, only for him to call them all pushovers. At best, Sasuke is shown to take on a mountain buster worth of power, as well as a island buster worth once with the Susanoo.

And finally in Energy, Sasuke have shown to put own a max power of 75.6 megatons, roughly meaning that he can produced up to 5 H(Hydrogen)-Bombs worth of energy. Heie however tops this with his max energy being shown when he killed 12 A-Class demons with the Darkness flame. Since it takes at least 7 Teratons to kill an A-Class demon, that would mean that Hiei used energy up to 84 teratons of power, which translate to 84 million megaton. That means if he wanted to, Hiei could go to the Naruto universe and used the Dragon of the darkness flame to destroy nations in it's path. 
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Let's hope Death Battle sees this and might take some notes.
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I hope so too. Personally, there are times where i feel that they made some crappy claims
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I love how even though it's just an art work of two of the best Anime characters in history everyone's already saying either Sasuke or Hiei could kick eachother's asses. Just wow, is this really all people talk about these days? Just pitting people against eachother? What about them working together hm? Why isn't that what people talk about? Sheesh. :/

Anyway, this piece of art is truly incredible, these guys are on my top 5 most favorite Shonen characters ever, to see them in one place is almost over powering. Great piece of art my friend.
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Shizuru-MinaminoHobbyist Digital Artist
That's just awesome.
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nykol-haebrdProfessional General Artist
Nice work!
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wuau is pic awesome of sasuke and hiei is one great work friend two warriors increibles colugrations.
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hiei would kick his azz haha
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Wish they could fight. It's about time for Sasuke to suffer an awesome horrible death XD
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Sasuke wishes.
*Runs away from the Sasuke fans flaming death glares*

Hiei's also known as Vincet?
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fuusunshineHobbyist General Artist
wow I can't believe I've just found this. You have made my life complete :D
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I love hiei!!!!!! he look so sexy and sasuke looks amazing!
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Good job!

It looks pretty awesome.
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almost similar.
Loves Hiei more!
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I really like!!! XD
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GamerDruidHobbyist General Artist
Really awesome dude! Great job! Though as a Hiei freak, I kinda have to point out that it's his right arm that had the bandages and tattoos on it. Not a huge deal, but something that needed to be pointed out. Awesome job regardless!
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SerathusProfessional Digital Artist
greaT! Killua can join them too.
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Perfect Anyalsis of Character attitudes to make this comparison..... Great Job! Wonderful Artwork!
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