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Halloween 2018 FLASHMAN by EAMZE Halloween 2018 FLASHMAN :iconeamze:EAMZE 11 0 EAMZE Numbers - Megaman FC by EAMZE EAMZE Numbers - Megaman FC :iconeamze:EAMZE 24 2 ENKER with sake by EAMZE ENKER with sake :iconeamze:EAMZE 18 0 Shade and Dorian by EAMZE Shade and Dorian :iconeamze:EAMZE 13 1 Halloween 2017 HEATMAN by EAMZE Halloween 2017 HEATMAN :iconeamze:EAMZE 37 1 Clothes for Koriyuki by EAMZE Clothes for Koriyuki :iconeamze:EAMZE 17 2 Saphi and Koriyuki by EAMZE Saphi and Koriyuki :iconeamze:EAMZE 26 3 Fantasy by EAMZE Fantasy :iconeamze:EAMZE 37 1 ICEMAN by EAMZE ICEMAN :iconeamze:EAMZE 26 1 ICEMAN ref by EAMZE ICEMAN ref :iconeamze:EAMZE 32 3 BLADEMAN by EAMZE BLADEMAN :iconeamze:EAMZE 22 1 Study of BLADEMAN by EAMZE Study of BLADEMAN :iconeamze:EAMZE 13 0 Cute SNAKE by EAMZE Cute SNAKE :iconeamze:EAMZE 36 1 Fang and Kay by EAMZE Fang and Kay :iconeamze:EAMZE 21 1 Nightingale by EAMZE Nightingale :iconeamze:EAMZE 21 2 Stargazer by EAMZE Stargazer :iconeamze:EAMZE 67 5


Halloween 2018 FLASHMAN
"Trick AND Treat! I will not stop Trick even if you Treat me!!"
Have a full moon at the head and howling anytime.
A costume that combining fluffy fur and FLASH.
EAMZE Numbers - Megaman FC
I made 8 robot masters, EAMZE Numbers!
I think these are a ordinary one as a motifs.
Someone with leisure, please try to anticipate their weak point weapons.

CUPID MAN  EAN.001  Actor robot
Leading actor in special effects Hero drama "CUPID MAN". He believes in love and peace, very weak at troubles of love affair. His own personality is innocent, and his appearance to do a mischief to the co-star to make the atmosphere feel better is left in a movie of the making process of the drama.

MEDUSA WOMAN  EAN.002  Actor robot
The villain in special effects hero drama "CUPID MAN". She leads subordinate battle robots and perform destructive activities. She is proud of the work of a villain, she also appeared in an actual hero show with CUPID MAN, and surprises children audience.

COCKTAIL MAN  EAN.003 Bartender robot
Work for bar "Melt the Metal". Although he seems quiet, he has a strong passion for making cocktails told from his owner, and endeavoring learning existing recipes and improve original cocktails at times when the bar is closed. He often start create original cocktails right after thinking, the taste of before improvement is...

ANTENNA GIRL  EAN.004 Wave relay robot
Belongs to a wildlife protection facility. Her previous job was working as a scout robot in a war game using real robots. Radio wave amplification function was added when she was repaired. Also good at finding hidden animals by receiving and analyzing waves such as radio waves, sound waves, and light waves. She likes high places where it is easy to receive radio waves. (If DWN had no WAVE MAN I may have named her WAVE GIRL)

VET MAN  EAN.005 Veterinarian robot
Belongs to a wildlife protection facility. When connected with the attached medical vehicle, it exhibits higher surgical performance. A total of 26 "Veteroid series" of the same type as him were produced, and treatment information is shared all over the world. Among them, this leopard pattern individual's personality is so friendly as who feels a little annoying.

ENERGY MAN  EAN.006 Energy drink delivery robot
Belong to E tank manufacturing company. Conduct E drink delivery service for robots working in general households. His body too has a large capacity E drink tank. His pleasure is drink Energy sour after work is finished, but sometimes too much drink.

MIST MAN  EAN.007 Firefighter robot
Belongs to the fire department. Intake air from the chest and collect moisture in the air to make  mist. His body is an aggregate of "micro robot cells", a flexible structure that can be deformed into a mist state, but the personality is a bit stubborn. He dislikes cigarettes that are likely to cause fire.

SCARE MAN  EAN.008 Field guard robot
He is an aggressive scarecrow who in addition to farm work assistance and given the permission to hold down crop thieves in the site he is in charge of. He seems that he felt it was fun to scare someone while to scare away the birds and animals that hurt the field. People who like scary things when he shows scare telling are pleased.

I will rest a request in 2018
and planning to take new requests again in 2019!

I will rest a request in 2018
and planning to take new requests again in 2019!

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Princess-Faithra Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Also, I love Japan, i'm in love it it's culture. And no wonder why the writing looks japanese. because you're FROM japan!!! COOL!!!!!Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 
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