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Ubuntu Workdesk

My default Ubuntu 9.04 Desk...

Finally figured out Cairo Dock2.
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here is the link for the wallpaper :


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I dont need the link, if you lost.
But can you send upload the wall, plz?
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sent you a note, with link to uploaded file...
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Man I love you!
Is this pic from you?
Can I use this for whatever I want?

Many thanks,
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not mine mate. it is part of an 18 wall packm the link i got from ubuntu forums, i guess you can use it, just don't claim it as yours or use it for commercial purposes. if i remember correctly, it is titled 'ladybug something...
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Link to the wall?!
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lost the link...
Where can I get this theme? Or is it only the top bar?
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marc, this is Linux Ubuntu 9.04, heavily modded, NOT Windows. From your page, looks like you're running Vista...
As of now I am running Ubuntu 8.10 Vista was my primary operating system that came pre-installed on this laptop.
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AH, ok.

So, theme used in screenshot is an un-released theme based on GTK Leopard (check my Gallery), sort of a hybrid between standard leopard looks and iMetal.
Bottom dock is Cairo-Dock2 (own skin)
Icons are Mac4Lin.
Top bar is Gnome panel running Global Menu.
Wallpaper I found in some Ubuntu site (lost the link).
Running Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.
Where could I please get this wallpaper?
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axe, got it somewhere in ubuntu community, an 18 wallpaper pack, and cannot find the source since i deleted vrowser history. sorry mate. give me an hour, i'll look for it. if not, i'll upload and PM you the link.
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The bar looks awesome!!!
Does it really works??

i'd only try another Dock Skin..
Maybe if you make it 3d it would be better.

I cant wait to get my new PC, install Ubuntu
and use this theme!!

Nice work!!
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Bruno, What do you mean 'does it work'? LOL! of course it does. Regarding 3D dock skin, somehow i really haven't taken to it. I'll play around with it later maybe, still have not explored all the possibilities with CairoDock2. You've already seen the video of CD2 in action over at YouTube....
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Yea, I did, uhauhahua
But I think its too much thing.
Like the "Flying","Jumping",... icons.

And about the bar, ive asked if it is really functional..
Its just hard to believe...huahuahua
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LOL!, for myself, i prefer a simple one, nothing fancy, a la RK or ObjD. Regarding the bar, you mean the top bar in my screenshot?. Yeah, functions just like OSX for almost all apps (except Open Office). It;s called Global Menu.
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Nice work pre :thumbsup:
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DBAries, salamat din dre.
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kool mac redo dude..
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Nice work! I am not sure if I will upgrade to that OS or not, I'm content with 8.10. My goal right now is to get a new PC with Intel architecture and put Leopard on it.
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good luck with that mate. kalyway?

asilaydyingdl's avatar
Whats kalyway mean? Im not familiar with that term.
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Asilay, planning on installing osx on pc? Google is your friend mate, LOL!
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