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Plastic VLC

skin for VLC ver 0.9. in ubuntu. Sort of a lab rat for VLC Quick Time skin.

Although not tested with vlc ver 1.0 under Windows, should work ok. If on Windows, recommend to use with Y'z shadow...

EDIT: 10 dec 2009
-added Quicktime skin
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Don't work on Windows 7.
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Welcome back brother, I have missed you :D Great job, dude. Really I am happy to see ya and this is just awesome
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thanks bro. holiday cheers!

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The same to you brotha :D
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great job ~~`
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How can I use this skin?
Nice skin
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what do you mean how to use ths skin? do you have VLC installed?
in ubuntu, place the .vlt file in /usr/share/vlc/skins2
in xp/vista, /Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC/skins
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Ill use it for sure.
And just one question:
What did you do to get video and controls on the same
I was googling this another day and notice that it was
a VLC bug. Does this skin fix it??
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sorry for the late reply mates, was out for a while.

videos still open in separate window when you open files via double-click or right-click popups ("Open with.."), as vlc then opens in compact mode. you can then close that separate window, expand/toggle vlc controls, then press play. the video is now inside!

If you open video files using the button in controls, no problem. video opens normally (inside).

I just studied manually the default skin and other ver1.0 and 0.9 skins, no skin editor
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Ive got it!!
Really nice skin!!
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nice skin bro :D
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