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Plastic Blend

-GTH 2+, metacity
-ins[ired by iMetal
-Lucida font included
-option for thunar users
© 2009 - 2021 eamon63
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Nice ... but doesn't this require an additional package download+install? "Mac4Lin_Icons_v1.0 is not installed."
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deesto, not really. you can use whatever icon set you prefer. it's just that i 'm currently using mac4lin icons, hence the message...
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Ah, OK, thanks ... when I installed I got an error message for the theme, claiming the above was missing. Not a big deal.
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1 more dumb question, and 1 request:
- How you get the "launchpad" dock at the bottom?
- And I don't see it in your screenshot, but the panel separator icon looks awful on my system, in contrast to the rest of this really nice theme: [link]
Any chance this could be made to match the rest ... or is this another Mac4Lin thing?
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-bottom dock is Cairo dock
-edit panel.rc:
in style ';panel handle', replace the items with these --

border= { 0, 0, 0, 0 }
stretch= TRUE
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thx now looks cool..
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Isn't it possible to have the selections with a nice color?

I mean, look at this:



Do you see in the left bar, the nice blue selection? isn't it possible with gtk?

Thanks a lot for you theme, and please, take a look at my application (A quicklook for linux) [link]
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jordHP, well now that you mentioned it, it IS possible (e.g using clearlooks engine). My initial casual attempt did not seem to work, so will have to take a deeper look. thanks for the heads up...

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by the way, which font did you use? cheers
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great! the most accurate theme to get the mac style
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