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Leopard inspired xp wb PLUS

By eamon63
EDIT: 1 Dec 08
-Re-worked skin elements to conform to leopard looks
-Fixed image tiling and stretching margins/issues
-ADDED 2 Sub-styles: single bar per pixel border, and a non-per pixel/ordinary border, for those with alternative shadowing apps(Styler, Y'z shadow etc)

-Before installing this, first remove/delete old version using WB Config.
-To change skin fonts, go to WB config. Recommend Blitzr's Lucida G (Included in the pack).
-Am studying how to edit shellstyle.dll, for additional skin elements
-Tested with WB 5.5 and 6.0. Need feedback on errors or bugs....
-Some issues with the modified scroll bars, evident when browsing very long web pages or very large folders, haven't found a work-around yet

Big thanks to Mark Raats/Raatsgui for the comments and suggestions.


EDIT: 2 Dec 08
-Removed rounded corners from bottom borders in :Single' sub-style, as per Rastsgui's recent suggestions.
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how to remove it?!!
OriginalNeko's avatar
I got a trojan when I downloaded this...:/
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win7 Plz~ ㅠㅠ
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Hi Eamon63! I am asking permission to re-edit this theme for enhancements! Can I Re-edit the nonpix substyle??

I will change these:

*Hovering of the cursor to the mac traffic light buttons (single hover effects) :no:
-when cursor hovers to the traffic light buttons, the hover effect affects all 3 buttons......

*Progress Bar (optional) p.s. seems fine

BTW nice theme work, can you release this again changing the progress bar animation with a moving blue and with
eamon63's avatar
hello mate.

you can do whatever you want with it. cheers.

SN1078's avatar
Thank you, appreciate it[link]
windowsguy1996's avatar
fix da link plz????
eamon63's avatar
nothing wrong with download link....
freonoliveros's avatar
how to install this? help please. please
eamon63's avatar
you need to have windowblinds in order to use this skin...
hey nonsense why didnt u give the instruction.....what the fuck we do with dis shits without any direction.........stupid fuckers
my laptop is dell xpx m1330 window xp can install ??
eamon63's avatar
Yuo to first install stardock Windowblinds
how 2 install can tell me step by step ??
xmizer's avatar
But something's wrong with the progress bar...
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thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...... best mac theme ever
logiparanoia's avatar
eamon loved the work. I was wondering how to put back the folder icon to the titlebar on the xpLeo_REV.

Thanks for the WB again
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i don't think you can put icons in the titlebar using older versions of WB. not quite sure since i'm more into ubuntu this past year...
logiparanoia's avatar
T^T how unfortunate for me...

I heard Ubuntu is an OS for more advanced users but It makes the most realistic MAC OS X feel.
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you should try ubuntu, in another partition....
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how can i get those "Desktop File Video, etc..." buttons in my taskbar on XP? i remember that once i did, but now i dont temember how =(
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elmetalero, i'm not quite sure what you mean. If you meant the top bar, it is Stardock Objectbar. the bottom bar/dock is RK Launcher (or you can also use Stardock Objectdock)
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