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Leopard Shadows for TT

Leopard True Transparency skin with shadow effect and 3px borders. As per request by some people, i might as well release it here.

Note: the min and max buttons behave the same way (minimize window), as they are actually a single image. To maximize window, click the 'rollup' button on the right side.

As per JooMarq's comment below, fixed the min-button position. Cheers mate.
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lol nice thax a lot
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Thanks, eamon63.

Hold up, what exactly are glyphs? As far as I know, glyphs are the characters trickling down in Matrix Code.

If they are the min/max/close buttons, then I think I can do that easily. I also need to change the border colour a bit lighter the match the top of the window.
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yes, min max close.
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Hey Nicely done, clever roll up effect.

I also made a Leopard Skin for True Transparency, and it is seamless, the rollover of the buttons works perfectly.

here it is [link]

Oh, and in relation to ~xshadyblues13x's question, you'll find a detailed explanation on how to install the skins on my opard Skin for True Transparency. just click the link and look at my comment I made about the Installer Information (it applies to most TT skins).
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renegade, very good work dude.

just add i more pixel to the space in between the glyphs and you are set My version's glyph spacing on the other hand is actually over by i pixel than the ideal.... haven't updated the release since i'm more into windowblinds. haven't even updated to the latest version of TT yet.
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Love this for TT.Been using it a while & wouldn't be without it :thumbsup:
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Great Skin, i mean it.

Is there a way by editing the settings to remove titles?

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sorry for the late reply...

remove titles? what you can do is to edit the skin.ini file. Under 'Caption", try to change the color to 0,0,0,0. the format is rgba, where the fourth numeral is alpha transparency. o is fully transparent. 255 is fully visible.
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I'll try that. Thx for your reply

Could you please make you font changeable with the systems, or at least lucindamac please, thanks.
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sorry for the late reply, been out a while...

edit skin.ini file with any text editor. under 'caption', you can manually replace the font being used...
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Thanks alot, great!
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How do I install truetransparency skins?
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huh? extract this into TT Skins folder....
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hey. good work.

but the minimize button go a little for left when you put the mouse on.
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