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Leo_Vista WB2

Leopard skin for Windows Vista...

A port of Leopard-inspired XP Windowblinds skin. Made using SS 6.4 and running under WB 6.3 over the defaut Aero theme of Yista Ultimate SP1.

ICONPACKAGER theme: [link]

comments about bugs/quirks, etc. are highly appreciated.

UPDATE: 19 mar 09

-fixed minor glitches
Single Caption

-scrollbar arrows reverted to traditional Windows position.
To get mac-style scrollbars look, retrieve 3 files frim \\Leo_Vista WB\Backup:

xp leopardscrollbararrows2.bmp
xp leopardscrollbarshafthorz2.bmp
xp leopardscrollbarshaftvert2.bmp

Rename these files/replace "2" with '1", then place them inside main skin folder to over-write original files...

EDIT: 21 Mar 09
Re-uploaded the file. Some qlitch in previous update...

EDIT: 11 April 09
-Changed text colors to black for side panel and Control Panel.
-Rewerted ro square window bottom frames (for those who prefer rounded bottom corners, just send me a note... )
-Released a complementary Iconpackager theme. see Gallery...

EDIT: 12 June 09
-ADDED SUB-STYLE: NON-PIXEL BORDERS with aero shadows enabled. SOLVES glitch of SHIFTING traffic glyphs on MAXIMIZED windows
-fixed Combo-box button margins
-fixed check-boxes and radio buttons
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Thanks! I just noticed this update to what I thought was an excellent skin. It's now even better.
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Ummmm, what's a WBA file, and how do I use it???
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wba file is a stardock windowblinds theme file. you have to install windowblinds first...
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Windows Internet Explorer?

U Mad?
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The non pix version is very stable. Thank you.
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Can there be an msstyles that looks and works exactly like this please :|?
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I assume there would be...

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my wb expired :( that means i cant use this theme anymore T_T
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nice theme you got there ! :thumbsup:

one thing i dont understand.... how do you patch uxtheme.dll ?

i have windows 7 and i suppose it's the same like vista ? or maybe not ?
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the concept is actually replacing original uxtheme.dll with a modified or "patched" one, downloaded from the net. regarding win 7, i really cannot give you an accurate answer, since i never even touched the thing yet. i do know of several attempts to transform win 7 gui to leopard looks. Google, mate...
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Thank you so much, the theme works perfect. Gorgeous by friend.
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Absolutly Perfect Leopard theme! Tried much others... but this is the best!!! Amazing!
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qsush, enjoy and cheers!
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Hey, do you think you can fix where the buttons are on the title bar so that they're to the right?

I'm not one for things being on the left, and having Google Chrome, the tabs go over the buttons
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you are essentially asking me to create another theme, just for you...WB 6.x already offers leopardish themes with those options. I really only release themes which I actually use....and i never use themes with buttons on the right side...unless i have lots of free time....
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Alright, thanks.
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i need some solution....

i have tried some leopard mac skins....n problem is...from one skin i liked start menu,from other i liked taskbar style, and from another i liked its rest things...but i cant seem to find option or way that i apply taskbar from one skin n start menu from other...or can i make a new skin of my own,using all those features i like from 2-3skins in one of my own... (i never used i obviously dun know how to use it, but i guess this can be done by that only) cuz i liked the copy paste menu in one skin, n other such menu in it,extreme clear finishing.....n awesome mac i need i mentioned earlier...

2nd thing is....i didnt like the desktop right click menu in WB skins....i want it to be vista default one... (that menu in which arrange icons,refresh etc comes) and all other menu on right click .... is there some way that i use vista original one in it....

plzz help me..
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1 you really need to have skin studio. It is really not that hard when you really decide to learn. just a few hours maybe. Once you get the basics in skin studio, you can download several themes you want, then study the element settings (margins, etc.) for each. the images you can just import from one theme to the other..

2 i'm not sure what you by WB right-click menu. Windowblinds just SKINS your desktop and does not affect other system settings, unless you installed some transformation pack, or somehow changed some settings in WB configuration window.
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bro.....i really tried hard to go deep in skin studio....but i didnt get even a bit,how to incorporate other things from different skins in a new one...if i send u those themes and tell u details what i want,will u do it for me,i shall stay very very thankful to you.
(if u agree,tell me ur email id)it would be so kind of u
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Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god you made my day complete!!

Very nice skin... maybe needs a bit refinements but anyways. Yeehaw
eamon63's avatar

cheers mate
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